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A bit of a suggestion for super-containers.

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RivertheRoyal #1 Posted 17 February 2017 - 09:51 PM

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Every now and then, you see one of those threads about people getting the ever elusive supercontainers. At the time I'm writing this suggestion, there's even a thread about someone getting two SC in one day, with a Belfast, and one of those modifications in them. And while some others responded, indicating that they too had gotten one recently, the majority of comments were about how rare supercontainers normally are. 


My suggestion involves a buff to the drop rate of SC's. No, not a straight up buff like the one that had happened with one of the latest patches, but something a bit different. It involves the way you get containers in the first place. 


So, as it is right now, you can earn three containers in a day though XP, like so:

  • First Container— 2000 xp
  • Second Container— 12500 xp (10500 xp more)
  • Third Container— 37000 xp (24500 xp more)


It's always seemed to me that because the two subsequent containers require more XP to get, shouldn't they be "worth" more? 

The buff to the supercontainer drop chance would occur with the second and third containers, as a small incremental increase, only going as high as 1% per container. Now, I'm unable to produce an exact estimate to the original chances of a SC dropping, but I'm going to guess it's at 3.5% now for the try your luck option, after the update 6.1 increase by 1.5%. So, my suggestion would change the chances as follows (assuming TYL, if not, subtract 1%):

  • First Container: 3.5%
  • Second Container: ~4.5%
  • Third Container: ~5.5%


These values are totally subject to change, and are only assuming that 1% is added per container get. 0.5% could be added per container as well, making it a progression of 3.5%, 4%, 4.5%. Really, the numbers themselves do not matter, so long as there's an increased chance to drop a supercontainer per container earned.


Now, the purpose of making this sort of change is two-fold. For one, it would allow someone who gets all three containers daily have an increased chance of seeing a supercontainer. Even someone who gets two would have an increased chance. The only chances that are not touched are that of the first container. It's a bit of a reward for those who get the 37000 xp needed for all three containers.  

The second reason is a bit more sneaky, and benefits Wargaming indirectly. It involves the premium XP multiplier, and the fact that someone with premium time will gain the XP required for containers 50% faster than someone without. This makes premium time a better incentive for players, as it would allow them to more easily gain all three daily containers. No, that isn't underhanded, or unfair, as people without premium time can still gain all three containers. It would just be as it is right now: somewhat slower.


So, to reiterate: My suggestion is to increase the drop chance of a supercontainer incrementally, via the system of the three daily containers. The first container would keep it's SC drop chance, while the second would have a somewhat higher chance, and the third having the greatest chance to see a supercontainer. This is in line with the fact that it takes more XP to get the second container, and even more to get the third.


What do you think? Reasonable or not?




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AspiringCodger #2 Posted 17 February 2017 - 09:56 PM

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I doubt it'll happen, but I like the idea.

RipNuN2 #3 Posted 17 February 2017 - 10:14 PM


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It would be nice to get more stuff, but at the same time the benefit of the extra containers is you get more rewards daily than someone who doesnt grind as much. SC are just icing on the cake as the current system has way better rewards than the old piddly daily missions.

Pulicat #4 Posted 17 February 2017 - 10:54 PM


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Instead of, or in addition too, increasing the SC drop chance, they could also give you a small multiplier on 2nd and 3rd crates for what items you get.

Lets say 2nd gets x1.10, 3rd gets x1.25 on whatever you get inside the crate (rounding up if the number does not change, ie, 4 flags become 5 despite x1.10 not being enough to increase it.)

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FayFay731 #5 Posted 17 February 2017 - 11:06 PM

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Or just increase the contents inside to satisfy people's first for more super containers?

_Lord_Scott_ #6 Posted 25 February 2017 - 03:06 AM

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.Since the beginning of the container awards system, I have received about 5 SC's  nothing dramatic best was 10,000,000 credits. However a ship that receives supplies should fill out a requisition form of what is needed and Items of said form would be included in regular containers but not all. Say you want Papa Papa and Hotel Zulu and Type 5 Camo and Radar 2.... You are going to get one for sure but maybe 3.  In a super container you will get your full request quanities greater than 5 of each and or you will receive a premium ship and other great rewards as normal. I drive Cruisers as a main British to be exact, hence my Lordship. So why would I need engine boost or other wasted non class supplies. The form is filled out once a week or month even daily. Once filled out it can't be changed for at least 24 hours. NO MORE USELESS REWARDS  The form is a list of all signals and consumables ,camos and the like with a tic check next to them tic the things you want leave the rest untic .Or to those that hate to read a simple Class of ship they want resupplied .SC are still rare but when you get one you get what you need with maybe a special reward ....Ship slots ships  ect ect ect.. I don't know all the rewards available in SC's but they will still have them all with the same odds.

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