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WOWS Enjoyment - Matching YOU to Ships/Captain Skils/Module Upgrades - Pt. 1 - Ships & Shooting

Ships for You

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hangglide42 #1 Posted 02 February 2017 - 03:04 AM


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Hi All!  Hangglide42 with the 3rd in a series of articles to help players get more enjoyment from

World of Warships. By the way, my motivation for these forum posts is to constructively try to

help those with less time, definite higher priorities than a F2P Game to ease some of their

learning curve as many truly love the game and want to get/do better based on my 

own experiences.  Also, there do seem to be some "less than understanding" players who are

constantly labeling players  "potatoes" or "weekend warriors" which may be accurate, but

I do believe most players truly want to get better and there is a time process involved.


This is actually one of a series covering which Ships, Captain Skills, Module Upgrades may be

most suited to your individual skills and game play and why.   In general it's meant to help with

one of the following situations that players will find:


1)  "Everyone says the [ Pick a particular ship ] is awesome!...but it's terrible when I play it

2)  "I suck when I play this [ Pick a ship ]...why can't I play this ship well?

3)  "I just can't play [ Pick a ship class - DDs or CVs are common here ]...but I want to


and for the subsequent series (by the way a serious shoutouts to all the Unicums on Youtube -

the following series are intended to put recommendations that are fantastic for apex players

in the game into a context that may be more enjoyable for the average to better-than-average

player so they can modify the recommendations and adapt them to their current skills & play styles.)


4)  "I've equipped my Captain Skills as recommended by [ Unicum on Youtube ], but it doesn't seem

     to be working for me"

5)  "I've added the recommended Upgrade Modules by [ Unicum on Youtube ], but it's not making

     any difference on my ship."


I've attempted to break down a number of play styles, player skills & game techniques that

are present in the game and how improving in certain player skills, techniques or play styles

factor into whether you will enjoy a particular ship.   I will try to include a lot of examples, but,

please use this in conjunction w/ actual ship reviews and info provided by the Youtuber of

your choice to help you decide whether a specific ship's characteristics fit your current

skill set or playstyle.  You can then either pick a different ship or work on certain skills and

techniques that may help you be a lot more successful with the ship.


Due to the span of the subject matter, I've broken it down into sections with outlines that

briefly describe the future sections.  This segment covers "Shooting" in some detail -

future segments will cover "Maneuvering", "Managing Your Ship Health" and "Strategy & Tactics".


OK - let's get started - there are some ships that are almost universally criticized. e.g.

- British CLs below Tier V & below but particularly the Emerald (Tier V CL) - *bad/short range

  guns, terrible armor)

- USN Pensacola (Tier VII CA) - (floating citadel)


Believe it or not, you may not fall in love with these ships, but knowing some of the following

skills & techniques can help you enjoy these ships a little better and not avoid the lines altogether.


Bear with me as I've arranged the skills from basic ("Duh!....") to more advanced, but am not

trying to address the highest possible levels that are required for Community sponsored

competitive play (because the context may take a long time just to explain).  The skills list

should suffice for the general Random/Co-op/Ranked player trying to move up to their Tier X

ships.  As you go through this list, assess honestly where you fall in each of the skill areas and

note what other skills you may need to work on if you want to play a particular ship well.




Note: for the Captain Skills/Module Upgrade sections below, the relevant shooting related

skills are described related to main battery shooting.   These are not a comprehensive

list of all the modules that are being used and common ones such as Concealment,

Superintendent, Last Stand, as well as modules relevant to secondary and AA focused

builds are included in the Strategy/Tactics posts that are upcoming.  For the purposes of

this posting, the trade-offs and my own reasoning for selecting skills/upgrades which help

your main gun performance hopefully can help the reader make their  own evaluations.


Captain Skills:

Preventative Maintenance - Improves Module Survivability by 30% -

  I take this on all my ships as it stacks somewhat w/ the Main Armaments Mod 1 module.  The 2

  combined make the loss of main battery turrets a rare occurrence for me.  It has additional

  benefits for ships such as DDs wrt making propulsion & steering more survivable & ships

  like the Myoko that tend to have their steering gear damaged easily more robust.

Expert Marksman - Improves Turret Traverse -

  I take this on a number of BBs & CAs with slow turning turrets. Since I tend to maneuver

  a lot (especially in my DD/CL/CAs), this feature is more important to me than some of

  the DPM ROF improvements or accuracy improvements.  For BBs above a certain

  tier - I use this upgrade slot to buff my Secondaries or AAs (depending on BB).  For

  German BBs and IJN BBs, I use the secondary upgrade (it gives 7.6km range for

  Amagis, Tirpitz, Gneisnaus, 10+ range on Izumo & Yamatos, Bismarck & higher German BBs) 

  or the AA upgrade (NC, high Tier US BBs).  The ranges I've quoted also includes the

  necessary Captains Skills such as AFT and Flags that boost secondary ranges by 5%.

Inertia Fuse HE - Increases penetration of HE shells by 30%, decreases Fire chance by 3%

  I take this on 152/155 mm gun CLs that are primarily fire spammers (e.g. Kutuzov, Chapayev). 

  I've found the fire reduction is not noticeable - you'll still get plenty of fires with HE & IFHE, but

  the damage output of your HE increases noticeably.  Other than the Akizuki which, due to

  it's 100mm shells, can benefit from this as a gunboat, I prefer other skills in my DDs (after

  Concealment at 10 pts, AFT, Adrenaline Rush & Faster Torp Rearm).

Adrenaline Rush - Increases all firing times by up to 20% (almost dead) at a rate of .2% per 1%

  of lost health.

  I take this skill for either a 12 pt captain (certain CLs/CAs) or 16 pt captain (DDs & BBs) as it

  provides a BFT type buff to your firing rate & since I'm not shy about brawling, my ships do get

  damaged and this helps when your BB's reload time drops from 30 sec to near 24-25 which is

  pretty significant.

Demolition Expert - Increases Fire Chance by 2%

  This will be taken on all my CL/CAs since to a certain degree (no pun intended) - Fire Spamming

  is a key feature of my Cruiser play.


Some comments on why I've chosen the above set of Skills - there is a very useful skill that

almost all the Unicums recommend - this is the Priority Target skill (Level 1).  The reason

for this is that more experienced players know what's visible on the mini-maps and when they

are seen due to the default situational awareness capability.  There is a very important difference

between being seen and getting the targeting attention of the enemy - you can be seen all

day, but can safely shoot as long as no one is trying to inflict damage on you.  This skill is

very useful IF you are an experienced enough player to use this info to maximize time for your

own actions (i.e. shooting at the enemy, closing with the enemy for a torp run, etc.) until

it is absolutely necessary to react to an enemy about to shoot at you (and turning to dodge

or using your smoke - thus conserving a consumable).  For the record, there are some

BB builds where I've tried out Fire Prevention as a BB skill (e.g. ARP BBs  - leaving an 18 pt.

Captain) so this is the additional 1 pt. skill that is a priority for me.


Module Upgrades:

Main Armaments Mod 1: Increases Survivability of Main Battery 50% (20% more resistant to


  I have this module installed - I've played with configurations that buff survivability of secondary

  batteries, etc., but found that the protection still results in turrets getting disabled or destroyed

  more frequently so this module is a must for me.

Aiming Systems Mod 1 (V+): Increases Accuracy of Main Battery 7%

  I defer this module for Main Battery Mod 2 because I tend to maneuver & the turret traverse

  is more important than the accuracy improvement to me - also, I tend to like to fight from

  closer ranges so the accuracy difference is less critical.  Take this module if you feel BB/CA

  turrets turn fast enough for you & you want to improve your hit chances (especially if you

  shoot from range).

Main Battery Mod 2 (V+): Increases Turret Traverse 15% but Decreases Firing Rate 5%

  For a 2 sec delay in firing interval (for my BBs) and less for CAs w/ slow turning guns, I prefer

  this improvement in turret traverse since I tend to maneuver more.

Artillery Plotting Room (VIII+) (US BBs): Increases Accuracy of Main Battery 11%

  this module replaces Aiming Systems Mod 1 in US BBs - I defer this main battery assist

  due to a preference to improving AA or secondaries on the Iowa/Montana which occupies

  the same upgrade slot.

Main Battery Mod 3 (IX+): Increases Firing Rate 12% but Decreases Turret Traverse 13%

  This upgrade is the converse of Main Battery Mod 2, since I prefer the Turret Traverse, despite

   cutting 4 sec from a BB or between 2-3 sec for a CA.   If you want DPM vs. Turret Traverse,

   take this upgrade.

GFCS Mod 2 (IX+): Extends Firing Range

  I defer this upgrade for BBs since US BBs have some of the longest range in the game and the

  other BBs are long enough ranged.  For CAs, I do take this on the Baltimore & Ibuki because

  this enables both ships to stealth fire (coupled w/ other skills/configurations like stealth) & fire

  from greater ranges.  This is also true of DDs since I use any range buffs like this and the AFT

  Captain Skill to create stealth firing DDs. (e.g. Fletcher & Yugumo) -  in my case tho, I chose

  the the AFT skill + Torpedo Tubes Mod 3 which gives me BOTH faster Torp reloads and a

  very comfortable stealth fire buffer for the higher Tier DDs.



Basic Skills:

- Can you reliably draw lead on CLs & BBs if they are broadside to you

   * Can you hit speedier DDs if they are giving broadside to you

- Can you reliably draw lead on CLs & BBs if they are angled to you. Severely angled to you?

     For these 1st items, you should be comfortable using your reticle (either static or

     dynamic - the static reticle is calibrated (approx.) for a 20 kt. US BB, the dynamic reticle is

     calibrated for a 30 knot ship.  In general, you need to be comfortable w/ the shell travel time

     number shown in your reticule in combination w/ the reticle to calculate your horizontal &

     vertical lead displacement.  There are many Youtube vids that describe how to use

     reticles in detail.


     A corollary to getting comfortable w/ your shooting and aiming are techniques for improving

     hit percentages.   There are 3 common ways to fire at your targets:


     1) Single Salvo - if you're not sure of your aim/lead - fire a ranging shot, gauge your miss, correct

         your aim and fire the next shot or the rest of your salvo.

     2) Full Salvo - if you are pretty sure of your lead, fire all your guns at once to get the maximum

         number of shots (and hopefully, the best result from your RNG roll since you're shotgunning

         all your shells)

     3) Chain Fire - Mainly useful if you have a target that you care about just hitting, rather than

         a lot of hits (e.g. a low health, but maneuvering target that you want to finish) - fire your

         guns singly as you drag your mouse across the ship path to space the flight of your shells.

        This has the effect of spreading your shots along an anticipated course of the ship and

         increases the odds that 1 kill shot will land.


- At what range do you feel comfortable taking your shot?

  This will vary w/ ship & gun type, but the metric is better performance at longer range

   as you get better.

    [ Note: this is not advocating sniping from a distance. As you advance, this is usually

   counterproductive to your team's success so don't confuse getting better w/  your

   aim w/ "sniping from afar" - it means your range of effectiveness at doing damage

   increases as you get better ]


- Do you know where is a ship's Citadel and how to get Citadel shots?

   With the advent of the release that included the "Armor Viewer", if you just select the last

   2 items in the armor viewer, the colored sections represent the ship's citadel for any ship

   in the tech tree.  To be a better player, you'll need to know where a ships citadel is located

   when you shoot (especially at closer range).  For a Basic Skills rule of thumb, "under the

   stacks & under the turrets near the waterline"  is a general mantra for most ships.


Medium Skills:

- Do you take advantage of ships in a turn? - If you see a ship turning, the easiest shot is to

  time your shot so it coincides with the turn since the ship's relative motion is the slowest and

  gives you the largest margin for error since you aren't calculating a lot of lead.


- Do you wait on your shot until a ship gives you their broadside (can you tell when this

  is likely to occur)?

  Better players attempt to take the shot which gives them the most damage (unless there is a tactical

  situation requiring picking another target).  So in situations like a initial encounter in Domination mode

  where 4-6 of the enemy is visible at roughly the same time, shooting at the broadside target is

  often the better players choice (unless a enemy DD in cap presents a juicier target due to their

  strategic importance).  In other situations where a ship is maneuvering, if it looks like waiting 5 sec.

  will result in a more broadside shot, the better player will hold fire to increase their citadel chances.

  The reason for this is that citadel shots yield the maximum damage (as per the shell type's

  characteristics, while penetrating shots deal 33% of the max damage and overpens deal 10% of

  the max damage).   The type of shell contact is shown in your ribbons as your shell hits.  There is

  also a caveat to this for ships that have taken a large amount of damage in concentrated areas.

  WG has a concept called "damage saturation" - in other words once you've dealt enough damage

  to a section it can't take any more so you get reduced or even no damage, even for penetrating

  shots.  If you're aware of this, better players will spread their shots to less damaged areas of

  a ship to increase their damage dealt (lighter colored, less blackened areas).


- Do you know when to take a shot on severely angled target?

  * Do you know where to aim if a target is severely angled and at a medium to long distance?

  General rule of thumb is shoot at the more broadside target if you have a choice (and it is not

  an urgent tactical priority to shoot at the angled ship).  If the target is severely angled, damage is

  highly mitigated so there needs to be a necessity to shoot at this target (barring alternatives) -

  an example is the ships is closing rapidly, rather than retreating. If the ship is closing rapidly,

  there are more advanced techniques as to how to shoot at such a target and when to use what

  ammo type.  For the intermediate player, use HE for severely angled targets when you have to

  shoot at such a target.


- Do you know when to use HE/IFHE(if you have it) or AP?

  BBs almost exclusively use AP.  There are circumstances where this may not be true

  such as specific tactical situations late in game where you have a severely angled BB

  in a BB duel and dealing incremental  damage can kill him first, the IJN BB Ishizuchi

  (it's AP is so bad, it can only penetrate at close range so you have to spam HE & play

  it like a big Cruiser) or when you are hunting the last DD or being tail-chased by a DD


  CLs tend to use HE and due to the 152/155 mm guns on these ships, with 6.0, many

  fire starting ships have taken the IFHE skill.   In general, at range, using the HE(IFHE)

  option is the goto for these ships for DDs and BBs or if at range.   If IFHE is the

  Captains Skill chosen, it brings HE penetration to bow armor of a set of BBs at tiers

  where the CLs are. The HE penetration formula is 1/6 the shell diameter (unlike

  AP, impact angle is irrelevant for HE) for most ships, except for German BBs where

  the formula is 1/4 the shell diameter.  This is the amount of armor the HE shell can

  penetrate - IFHE gives you a 30% boost to the penetration (or shell diameter/6*1.3)

  Many CLs, however, can use AP against other CL/CAs if they give  their broadside at

  closer ranges or if they shoot at select parts of BBs at closer ranges.


  CAs can pen portions of BB bow armor w/ their HE due to the 203mm gun size.  In general,

  CAs are devastating using AP against other broadside CA/CLs, can fire AP w/ effect at

  select portions of BBs (given sufficient broadside), but also have good fire generation

  characteristics to burn down BBs & CA/CLs with their HE.


More Advanced Skills:

- Do you know where to aim if a target is severely angled and at a short distance?

  If a target is charging you, while highly angled, if you try to shoot AP at them,

  the autobounce mechanism (i.e. anything >60% for the most part will autobounce with

  a few exceptions) will make your shots ricochet if you try a hull shot. 


  If you're in a BB, you can try to:

    1) Aim for the superstructure area to get damage (this will deal reliable damage)

    2) Aim to knock out their turrets (useful if you do knock out a gun, but need some RNG help

    3) Actually try to penetrate straight thru the bow bulkhead armor  (i.e. the Yamato

        LOLpen shot on its BB peers). To do this, you need to understand the bow bulkhead

        armor thicknes (from the armor viewer) of the ship who is charging you and if your

        AP shell can reliably penetrate this.  You'll have situations where your Kongo can

        penetrate a Wyoming who is charging, but not vice versa.

    4) or Fire HE. 


  If you're a CA/CL, you can try to

    1) Aim for the superstructure (but you're likely to get some bounces firing AP)

    2) Fire HE and try Fire Spam (which will tick off the BB driver when you light them up)

    3) Prepare a Torp run (if you are so armed) - (but you need sufficient health & there is

        a risk if like the IJN CAs, your torp firing angles are towards the rear of the ship). 


  If you're a DD, you're small & quick enough

    1) Try to prep for a torp shot (but you'll definitely get the BBs attention so make sure

         you have some health, if you're at Tier IV or lower, you can try your suicide charge

         but if you're at Tier V or higher, BB secondaries become more effective so opening

         range & getting a flanking torpedo shot is more advisable).

    2) Pop smoke if you have spotting and fire HE from your smoke. Players often don't realize

        that they were the one spotting the targets so when they pop smoke, no one, including

        themselves can see the target.

    3) or If the BB's guns are not on you and you're not in his secondary range, just fire on

        the BB w HE.


- Do you know what ships are specifically vulnerable to your shell types?

  This is probably one of the more advanced aspects of understanding the effectiveness

   of your shooting.  The advanced player will know how to deal damage with all his ammo

   types and what parts of the enemy ships to shoot at to do damage with what his

   ship can shoot.  This item is complicated and requires a little bit of homework on

   your part.


   1)  As you play the game and encounter ships at the various levels - make sure you

        look up each CL/CA/BB types you are likely to encounter and view the ships

        profile in the armor viewer.


2)    DDs are universally unarmored so with 1 exception, you try to fire HE against DDs. 

        If you're in a BB, however, it may not be worthwhile to switch to HE as your AP shells

        will still do significant damage to a DD (the worst case for a DD is if they take an AP

        shell down the length of their ship because this shell will not overpen & deal significantly

        more damage to the DD).


3)     CVs also have some interesting characteristics when you are shooting at them.  In

        general you want to be aware of the following issues:


        1)  When shooting at a CV, you would think because fires disable launch operations, you'd

              always spam w/ HE, however, if you're a BB - you can kill a CV a lot faster if you get

              the opportunity to use AP and citadel a CV.


        2)  Some early Tier CVs have an unusual lattice work structure below their flight deck

              since they were originally designed as a different type of ship (e.g. the Langley in

              particular was originally a coal ship (collier) before they slapped a flight deck on her

               (which you see as the Tier IV US Carrier).   This open latticework makes shooting at her

              rather tricky as you will find your shots will actually travel thru the open latticework

              w/o doing much damage so you need to aim so your shots hit the solid parts of the



         3)  Some higher Tier CVs have another interesting problem.   They have armored decks

              so you may find some AP shots bouncing w/ no penetration.  Something to be aware

              of (the deck armor is still relatively thin (i.e. like a cruiser) so it's not an insurmountable



4)    What you want to be aware of is what is the armor thickness in the following areas:

        - Where is the Belt Armor & how thick is it? [ so you can shoot your AP shots, if applicable

          and get Citadels or Detonations ]

        - What is the Bow Armor Thickness (both the bow and the bow bulkhead leading to

          the citadel)? [ so you know if you HE or IFHE can penetrate the ship in the bow ]

        - What is the Stern Armor Thickness? [ Some Ships including some BBs are vulnerable to

          penetrations via Stern shots ]

        - Is there a Thinner armor Belt above the Belt Armor & Deck of the Ship [ This section

          is vulnerable to AP fire from 203mm gun Cruisers - you can wreck a NC or Iowa or even

          deal damage to a German BBs if you hit this area w/ AP from US Heavy Cruisers ]


 5)  As you play the game, the vulnerable locations and their ships will become second

       nature to you, but here are a few rules of thumb for you when firing on various ship types

       for close to broadside targets using AP shells unless otherwise indicated.  Refer to

       the angled targets section and you may want to use HE when the target starts to angle.


       One item to note - when Spamming HE - it should be noted that BBs have 4 fire locations

       (by default) or 3 if they have the Fire Prevention Captains skill.  The ideal situation is to

       get fires in each of these locations to deal maximum damage to a BB.   These locations are:

       bow, stern, (1 or 2) locations on the Superstructure of the ship.   If you are firing at a BB

       and one location is on fire, shift your fire to an unlit location to maximize damage.


       BB firing on BB

       - AP - Go for Citadel or Detonation (at waterline below funnels or turrets)

       BB firing on CL/CA

       - AP - Go for Citadel or Detonation (at waterline between fore & aft guns under funnels)

       BB firing on DD

       - AP or HE Just hit the DD - center mass or rear strike usually knocks out propulsion

       CL firing on BB

       - From distance - HE Spam

       - From close range - AP bow or stern beyond belt or Superstructure or HE Spam

       CL firing on CL/CA

       - From distance - AP - Go for Citadel at waterline or HE Spam

       - From close range - AP - Go for Citadel at waterline between turrets under funnels

       CL firing on DD

       - From distance - use HE - ideally center rear contact knocks out propulsion or steering

       - From close range - Land as many HE shots as possible and delete DD

       CA firing on BB

       - From distance - use HE spam or go for Superstructure to do AP damage

       - From close range - AP - Go for Bow or Stern past main belt armor, Thinner

         armor above main belt below main deck, Superstructure (deals more damage using AP)

         (If you shoot at the armor above the belt - you can wreck a BB like the Iowa w a CA from

         close range if he gives you broadside) or HE works but the right AP shot causes more


       CA firing on CL/CA

       - From distance - use HE spam if CL/CA is manuevering a lot, Go for Citadel if giving broadside

       - From close range - AP - Go for Citadel

       CA firing on DD

       - From distance - use HE - ideally center rear contact knocks out propulsion or steering

       - From close range - Land as many HE shots as possible and delete DD

       DD firing on BB

       - From distance - use HE Spam

       - From close range - use HE Spam or land shots on the Superstructure w AP

       DD firing on CL/CA

       - From distance - use HE Spam

       - From close range - Use AP & go for Citadels at the waterline between the turrets under the funnels

       DD firing on DD

       - From distance - use HE Spam (unless Akizuki - use AP if not IFHE equipped)

       - From close range - Use HE Spam (unless Akizuki - use AP if not IFHE equipped)


- Do you know what causes Detonations (as opposed to a Citadel shot damage)?

  This is a refinement to the Citadel shot.  Detonations are caused by torp hits or shell

  hits to the magazine portion of a ships Citadel.  These are usually almost directly under

  the turrets near the waterline.   Trying for a detonation shot is tricky because this area

  is individually under each turret (as opposed to the broad area of a Citiadel which spans

  most of the area between the forwardmost to rearwardmost gun turrets & covers all the

  machinery spaces in between).  You have to be fairly close, have the right shell size

  for sufficient penetration, get lucky with your shell dispersion and be spot on with

  your lead to get a detonation.  Where this is important to know is if you're in a close

  in knife fight w/ a BB or CA that has far better health than you - going for the

  detonation may be your best shot, but you delete a ship if you get it.


Well that's it for the first part of the "How to better Enjoy your Ship sereis"!  Good shooting!



(The outline below are future topics in this series)




- Can you Steer your ship? - Are you comfortable steering your ship while firing your guns or

  maneuvering to get your torpedo shot if you're a DD.

- Can you Maneuver your ship? - This is a bit more advanced - can you keep your ship turning

   as you find and fire on your enemies.

- Using Cover - [ All Ship Types ] Using Islands/Terrain to reduce the number of ships firing at

  you at once.  This is very different from hiding behind island groups putting your team in a

  strategic bottleneck (that usually results in a loss)

- Flanking Fire - [ Any Ship type ] Maneuvering to fire safely on the enemy w/ low probability of return fire.

- Kiting and Damage Avoidance - [ Useful for less armored ships like DDs and CL/CAs ] -

  Combination of maneuver coupled with (usually HE spam) to deal significant  damage

  to a more powerful enemy unit that may be either pursuing you or occupying a strategic

  position with the intent to either kill or dislodge the enemy.

- Escape Routes/Rules for Turning Around [ All Ships ] - When you enter into an initial

  engagement, use smoke, use BB bow strategies or any other engagement tactic, Identifying

  your  escape route (preferably w/o exposing a vulnerable broadside is critical to your

  survival and continued contribution to your team.



Ship Health Management


- Don't give broadside & keep your ship turning- Fundamental rule in WOWS - there is a

  corollary - "In WOWS, someone is always showing their broadside to someone"

- When to use Heals - [ BBs and CL/CAs w Heals ] - Ship strategies to exploit a players Heal u

  sage to deal more damage.  Conversely, how to optimize Heals to reduce the damage to your ship.

- When to use Repairs - [ Any Ship Class ] - Ship strategies to exploit a players Repair usage to

  deal more damage.  Conversely, how to optimize Repairs to reduce HP loss to your ship

- Do you understand the armor characteristics of your ship [ Any Ship Class ] - Using your

  armor characteristics to best advantage to:

  1) Tank Damage - (i.e. live longer & prosper) - bounce shells, what strategies work w/ certain

      ship types (e.g. Cruisers & Scharnorst firing AP, Cruisers & British CLs).  How can "squishy"

      ships maximize their survival (e.g. Cruisers like the Graf Spee, under the right parameters

      or even British CLs like the Leander can take out BBs with torp runs under the right

      circumstances if you use sound techniques.

  2) In Brawling situations

- Tanking Damage [ Usually BBs but sometimes high health CAs w Heals ] - A BB that can tank

  damage for his team greatly assists a team's overall efforts.  This is what is missing when BBs

  don't contribute this to their team and only try to snipe from long range - the effects are

  non-trivial and usually bad for your team.

- Situational Awareness of Potential Attackers [ All Ships ] - What to look for as to likely avenues

  of attack on your ship and increasing your ship's chances of weathering the attack.

- Brawling w multiple ships simultaneously [ Usually BBs ] - There is some confusion as

  to what "Brawling" really means and it is sometimes confused with a "Premature Yolo Rush"

  When dealing w/ BB Brawling situations,  there are some techniques to maximize your

  chances of dealing w/ up to 3 ships at a time and still come out alive (yes, really!...)


Strategy & Tactics:


- DD/CL/CA/BB/CV Responsibilities - [ All Ships Types ] - Expected responsibilities of ship types.

  There is a wide spectrum of play that involves ignoring objectives and responsibilities which puts

  even more stress on a team to compensate (all ship types have their moments in a Random

  Battle game) and usually does not bode well for a team..

- Executing a DD attack [ DD ] - Techniques for torp attacks change and get more sophisticated

  as you go up in Tiers (from suicide charges at low tiers to area denial & predictive torping) 

  This covers considerations and techniques to be aware of (including threats), torp range, number

  of torp tubes & effect on tactics.

- CL/CA Supporting Fire, Cap Support - What supporting a Cap means and providing supporting

   fire to your team in general.

- BB Supporting Pushes, Tanking Damage - Using a BBs health pool judiciously to help

  your team (and what usually happens if you don't)

- DD Capping, Area Denial, Smoking their Team, Survival Advantage in the End-Game -

  DDs can impact their teams success in so many ways, disproportionate to just raw damage


- Radar and Hydro Applications and Defense - or "How I learned to love to charge smoke

  (even if I didn't have hydro or radar) & survived to tell the tale".

- Defending against CVs - CV strategies, what to expect and how to try to minimize damage

- BB Making a DD or CL/CA Regret Their Torpedo Attack - or "You really don't want this piece of me

  or I will wreck you!"

- Focusing Strategic Objectives (Avoiding Getting Baited) - How many games have been

  lost due to teams ignoring the Caps or a third of a team chasing one ship to the map

  edge while the enemy held the caps.

- Reading the Mini-map - Importance of the Mini-map on evaluating you team's tactics

  and the enemy's strategy - proactively positioning based on what you see so you can

  cause the enemy to react to you instead of vice-versa.

- Using the Clock - Clock management and how it affects scoring.  Understanding of cap

  management (especially in Standard Battle).  What to be wary of so you can manage

  the points in addition to killing enemy ships to increase your chances of winning a battle.

  Many a game has been lost because a surviving ship tried to engage the enemy & died

  when all they had to do was survive until the clock ran out.

- Stealth Fire - or "How to tick off all ships when you fire on them and they can't see you". 

  This is a capability of a number of DDs if they are configured w/ the right Captain Skills, Module

  Upgrades, Cammo & Flags.   This is available for the US DDs from the Farragut up, IJN DDs from

  the Fubuki up and even some Cruisers (e.g. Baltimore & Ibuki) - the stealth ranges after firing

  on the DDs range from a 2+ km window to over 4+ km which is significant!

- HE Spam - or "How to tick off BBs" or "Burn Baby Burn!"

- Brawling - The difference between "Brawling" and "Yoloing and dying quickly" - This is

  an experience or feel kind of thing and usually involves a moment when this type of play

  is required.   When you get the timing wrong (or are forced to do this when it's not to

  your advantage), the outcome may not be favorable.  But it sometimes leads to teammates

  not getting the same idea on when right time is - so you get the "Yolo rush" that curses

  out their team for not supporting them, when their timing was too soon.

- Bow Tanking - Yes it's boring, but it has to be done sometimes in higher tier games

  depending on enemy deployment and what you can do to counter it.

- Knowing what an enemy is likely to do based on maps/deployments - This involves

  putting yourself in the enemy's shoes and tactical situation given what you

  see on the mini-map and knowing what he's likely to do.  This gives you a

  significant repositioning advantage if your team "heads off their strategy".

- Using an enemy's capabilities against them - (e.g. RPF?) - Some capabilities such

  as RPF can be used to turn the tables on the enemy if have the right situation and

  you have sufficient experience.   This also applies if you recognize other

  configurations of your opponents (e.g. non-secondary configured BBs in a brawl

  situation, stock Chapayev that has hydro, but no radar, etc).

- Complementing your team's strategy as a larger whole - Calling the audible based on a

  changing strategic picture.


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From post:

Block Quote


       BB firing on BB

       - Go for Citadel or Detonation (at waterline below funnels or turrets)

       BB firing on CL/CA

       - Go for Citadel or Detonation (at waterline between fore & aft guns under funnels)

       BB firing on DD

       - Just hit the DD - center mass or rear strike usually knocks out propulsion

       CL firing on BB

       - From distance - HE Spam

       - From close range - bow or stern beyond belt or Superstructure

       CL firing on CL/CA

       - From distance - Go for Citadel at waterline or HE Spam

       - From close range - Go for Citadel at waterline between turrets under funnels

       CL firing on DD

       - From distance - use HE - ideally center rear contact knocks out propulsion or steering

       - From close range - Land as many HE shots as possible and delete DD

       CA firing on BB

       - From distance - use HE spam or go for Superstructure to do AP damage

       - From close range - Go for Bow or Stern past main belt armor, Thinner

         armor above main belt below main deck, Superstructure (deals more damage using AP)

         (If you shoot at the armor above the belt - you can wreck a BB like the Iowa w a CA from

         close range if he gives you broadside)

       CA firing on CL/CA

       - From distance - use HE spam if CL/CA is manuevering a lot, Go for Citadel if giving broadside

       - From close range - Go for Citadel

       CA firing on DD

       - From distance - use HE - ideally center rear contact knocks out propulsion or steering

       - From close range - Land as many HE shots as possible and delete DD

       DD firing on BB

       - From distance - use HE Spam

       - From close range - use HE Spam or land shots on the Superstructure w AP

       DD firing on CL/CA

       - From distance - use HE Spam

       - From close range - Use AP & go for Citadels at the waterline between the turrets under the funnels

       DD firing on DD

       - From distance - use HE Spam (unless Akizuki - use AP if not IFHE equipped)

       - From close range - Use HE Spam (unless Akizuki - use AP if not IFHE equipped)


I printed this out, it would have helped me ALONG TIME AGO!

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Solid, Informative post. Keep up the good work! +1


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I aM definitely going to finish reading this in the AM,.   looks like it will help....

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I noticed that when I select Superintendent for a ship or hover the mouse over the icon,  it shows which modules are effected.  It does not show all mounted consumables,  just all mounted consumables except "Repair Party".  Since repair party does not have a number  of available displayed like smoke and spotter plane, does this captain skill give us an extra repair party?

I realize you can use repair party II and get and extra, but still wanted clarification on captain skill confusion/wording.






3 Increases capacity of consumables. +1 additional charge to all consumables mounted on a ship.


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