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got chat banned twice for gving away free stuff

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Amarant_Sardekar #21 Posted 12 January 2017 - 08:30 AM

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I've personally been told by players they were going to use their entire report quota on me simply for getting the kill on them after they crashed into an island.  They were on the enemy team.  I was supposed to kill them.  Yeah....


I've only ever used the report function a handful of times, and only when someone was being particularly toxic, racist, or bigoted.  I have noticed that in many matches, when there's a lot of chat at the beginning of the match other than "let's go B+C and ignore A", the team doing all the chatting tends to lose.  I know I'm not alone in noticing that the teams that do too much small-talking back and forth generally suffer from it.  My guess is, someone got annoyed with the amount of non match-related chat going on and that's how you got the reports.  Also, not sure about the WoWS community, but in some games I've played, a lot of guys don't like being on twitch streams, for that small chance the other team can watch the stream if there's no delay.  Or they simply don't want their bad day broadcast, etc.  


Everyone's got different opinions, and WoWS offers everyone the tools to express their opinions via the report feature.  In some ways I think it's great being able to commend worthy players and report the absolutely foul, but in it's current form the system does seem a bit open to abuse.  I personally tend to enjoy Twitch and YT content creators, and being that I never win free stuff, I'd hate to see them feel like they can't keep giving out free stuff lol.  Not sure what the best solution is here however.

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