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help with destroyers

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ProMoh #1 Posted 25 December 2016 - 11:00 PM

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HELP!! Im currently at a tier 4 wyoming. destroyers are always coming for me and taking away huge portions of my health at the beginning of matches. Any tips or help?

They always seem to come for me only...

dEsTurbed1 #2 Posted 25 December 2016 - 11:11 PM


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Don't sail alone.

Stay close to other battleships and slower cruisers.





"REMOVE STEALTH TORP CHEAT"-Forum topic  found 4/17

If you wanted nuetuered IJN destroyers you succeeded. You could give them 3 sec turret rotation and rail guns to 20 km...it's lack of rof and stealthy torps that are needed.

Batwingsix #3 Posted 25 December 2016 - 11:12 PM

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1: Stay away from islands and smoke. Smoke = Destroyers (or some cruisers which have torps as well) in a BB

2: Stay as close to allies as possible. You're slow so it will be a challenge but do the best you can.

3: Watch the mini map often. See where enemy DD's are spotted and last spotted and you will learn to guess where they will be going.

4: Do not sail in straight lines at a constant speed. It makes it hard to aim your guns, but sailing straight without touching the WASD is sure fire way to eat torps.

5: Do not stay in bino aim. Aim, fire, zoom out and watch around you.


**** If you are spotted and don't see anyone! There is a DD within your spotting range or a really sneaky cruiser. Always assume it is a DD though. Look at where islands are and where he would have to have line of sight on you to guess his location.


**** Do not sail through narrow corridors. They are choke points and prime ambush locations to use against you. If you have to sail through, let a cruiser sail through first... or another battleship... even a carrier.... just let someone clear the way for you :trollface:

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Magic_Fighting_Tuna #4 Posted 25 December 2016 - 11:16 PM

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Zig zag and do the battleship wiggles, it may seem futile because battleships are big an slow(especially at that tier 4) but even a little change speed or direction can migate potential damage.

If a destroyer shows up on your broadside turn either away from it or towards it, DD's love sending torpedo's into your broadsides. You may eat a torpedo or two but its better then eating five or six.

If you have time learn the torpedo ranges of the DD's targeting you. You then can tell if a DD is trying to go for a torp run based on his distance from you.

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Yugumo #5 Posted 25 December 2016 - 11:19 PM

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Besides suggestions above, play some games in destroyer to learn their behaviour.

Aduial #6 Posted 25 December 2016 - 11:20 PM

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View PostYugumo, on 25 December 2016 - 03:19 PM, said:

Besides suggestions above, play some games in destroyer to learn their behaviour.


This is pretty much THE best the you can do. Another alternative (if you don't want to play destroyers) is to watch some good destroyer gameplay on Youtube. 

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Mezurashi #7 Posted 25 December 2016 - 11:22 PM


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View PostYugumo, on 25 December 2016 - 03:19 PM, said:

Besides suggestions above, play some games in destroyer to learn their behaviour.


​This is a sure fire way to learn about DDs. And it works the same way around. I mainly play DDs, so to learn how BBs operates, I've played them as well (and enjoyed them).

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Pulicat #8 Posted 25 December 2016 - 11:25 PM


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View PostYugumo, on 25 December 2016 - 04:19 PM, said:

Besides suggestions above, play some games in destroyer to learn their behaviour.


This. Playing other classes will give you the tools to counter them. Defeat your enemy through understanding them.


Camo68 #9 Posted 25 December 2016 - 11:30 PM


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In addition to the above


  • If you are one on one against a destroyer sail directly away from him it makes torping very hard and the frustration leads to many opening up with guns and revealing themselves
  • Know the ranges of DD torps - Some can stealth fire some cannot
  • Know the reload times of torps, time your course changes to this to help throw off their aim
  • Backup your cruisers and DDs, in return they will spot most DDs long before you are in danger.
  • React the second you get a Torp warning indicator (Don't wait even a few seconds, you are not agile enough) I sink many BBs that hang on the little bit too long to get another salvo off
  • Understand the Maps that you play, where BBs are likely to go and where DDs are likely to be
  • Don't camp behind islands trying to snipe
  • Turn into torp spreads if you can it is much easier to dodge &/or minimise how many hit you
  • When they are close and approaching you hold your fire until they show you a broadside. You will do far more damage this way. Oh and when they show the broadside it means torps are in the water so remember to maneuver
  • If you have AP loaded use it before switching to HE





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Seamus_44 #10 Posted 22 January 2017 - 04:10 PM

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Camo68 says it well, plus:

As a DD capt I love it when ships sail in groups it's helps with my collection of Double Strike awards. It makes it much easier to rack up damage on several ships, and makes it easier to hunt and cap

hangglide42 #11 Posted 31 January 2017 - 04:37 AM

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The other posters have excellent suggestions on what BBs can do to avoid being torped by DDs.


Here is the technique for turning the tables when the hunting DD is spotted.  


1) know the torpedo ranges of the DDs you're likely to encounter.  This gives you the info needed to know the approx. 

    range he needs to close to before firing his torps.


2) Immediately turn your BB so you point your tail at the DD & sail away at your top speed, but stay very slightly

    angled to the DD  This is important because:

     - when you sail away, the DD & any torps that may come will be traveling relatively slower since you're moving

       away giving you more time to either dodge or outrange the torps.  This also increases your time to fire on the

       DD before he can get into torp range.

     - the slight angling relative to the DD's course is important since this will force the DD to make a choice re: your

       real course - he has to decide on what lead he has to give you given your small angle and that makes it easier

       to dodge torps when they come.  It forces the DD to predict your final course making dodging easier when

       the torps are fired.  The trick is to show a small enough angle so you're traveling as fast as possible away

       from him, but enough angle so that he has to guess at your ultimate course to hit you.


3)  Use only your back guns to shoot at the DD - do not wiggle your ship to try to bring your front guns to bear

      on the DD.  Also target your manual secondaries on the DD (CNTL Click on the DD)

      - you want to keep your speed away from the DD as high as possible so a maneuver to bring forward guns

        to bear has 2 really bad effects.

        * A turn will greatly drop the speed of your BB making it easier for the DD

        * to execute this type of turn, you need to use too much rudder and the rudder shift on BBs are really bad so

          again, you give the advantage to the DD because the rudder will take too long to recenter if you have to jink

          the other way.  The trick is to use minimum rudder for your course adjustments so you can keep your rudder

          near center when you need to maneuver.

     - if you had AP loaded, as soon as you fire that salvo, reload w HE & & stay with HE until you kill the DD.


4)  Now the tricky part - killing the DD - there are 2 things to know (and be prepared for) about the DD when he's tail

     chasing you in your BB.

     - his torp range dictates when he can fire his torps.  Since you are traveling away from him (but in a relatively

       slow BB), he needs to get within 1-2 km LESS than his torp range to ensure his torps can even hit you.  So be

       aware of this to give you an idea of when you can expect him to fire.

     - other than the German low-Tier DDs, all other DDs have a maneuver they need to execute to get their torps

       off - they need to largely give you their broadside to aim their torpedo tubes.  Be prepared for this move

       because this is the best shot you'll get at killing the DD outright (tho you should be constantly shooting at him

       with your back guns) - don't try to use other guns, just use your back guns.

     - Three suggestions when shooting at a pursuing DD:

        * The DD will likely be trying to chase you with a minimum profile.  In this case it may be hard to

           judge the right lead (i.e. your shots may tend to be behind him because he's faster than

           he looks and the reference point make it hard to gauge speed when he's totally bow on) - but

           if he is approaching completely at a zero bow on angle, if you hit him, your shots will do large

           damage because they will penetrate thru the length of his ship.

        * You can recognize a better DD player because they will chase you at a slight angle & wiggle

           from right to left.   The reason for this is the same as your efforts to make him guess at your

           course for his torp shot.   He knows you have a 30 sec reload on your guns and wants to bait

           you into shooting with the wrong lead and missing.  Most players who do this center their

           wiggle so the trick is to see how far he turns right/left, split the difference, adjust for a slightly

           slower DD speed and fire at the middle of his wiggle irrespective of what direction he may

           be wiggling at any moment..

         * One last trick when firing at a DD (except when he gives you the broaside to launch his torps

            at which time you do want your full rear gun salvo ready) is to spread your shots by shooting

            your turrets singly.   It's more distressing for the DD if he gets half as many incoming shots

            every 15 sec rather than giving him 30 sec. to launch his torps or do his maneuvers during

            your reload.


5). If the DD gets his torps off & you haven't killed him, you now have to dodge.

     - because you were slightly angled to his course, if he uses his torpedo aiming reticle and shoots at your predicted

       course, you just need to gently turn your ship so you reverse the same gentle angle (use minimal rudder to

       do this) away from the DD.  With your course away from the DD, this should be sufficient to dodge.

     - you do need to check the course of the torps he shot, some DD drivers are more experienced and can

       predict your maneuver.  In this case, if you don't do anything, his torps should miss. 


6).  Once you dodge, keep going with this technique until the DD is dead.  You should be able to get at least 2-3

       salvoes in between the torp reloads at your Tier.


Good luck & hope this helps!

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cdowis #12 Posted 08 February 2017 - 05:43 AM


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Not sure if this was suggested, but what about slowing down and then traveling in reverse until you think you are out of range. (newbie here).  I tried it and seemed to work.

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