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#2266782 Please Revert the New Tier 3 and 4 Restrictive Matchmaking

Posted Pope_Shizzle on 25 August 2016 - 02:56 PM

While I appreciate WG's efforts to try and introduce new players to the game in a more "friendly" environment, the restrictive matchmaking for tier 3 and 4 ships has absolutely wrecked tier 5 and 6 matchmaking.  I can't remember the last time I saw a game where I was top tier in either tier 5 or 6.  I concede that there is likely some confirmation bias here, but I see it in my tier 7 and 8 games as well, where I am getting a disproportionate number of games as top dog against tier 5 and 6 players.


I don't normally complain about matchmaking, but tiers 5 and 6 are the sweet spot for premium ships.  The vast majority of all premiums sold by WG are tier 5 and 6.  Constantly being at the bottom of the food chain doesn't make me want to play these premium ships and to be honest, I don't think I'll be getting anymore 5's or 6's until the matchmaking issue is fixed.


I think a much better solution is a series of minor buffs to the tier 3 and 4 ships that were having problems.  Or even a matchmaker based on games played where people with less than 350 total games (or whatever number) who queue up in a tier 1 through 4 ship only see similarly (in)experienced players.  I think that new players would benefit from experience based matchmaking much more than from restrictive tiering.  I see tons of very very good players trolling new players in low tier ships.  I've been known to do it on occasion (though very very infrequently), myself.

#1041522 Dealing Damage in WoWS

Posted amade on 28 July 2015 - 12:17 PM

On the way to Davy Jones' Locker


You may have occasionally wondered why your 14" AP shells that have a listed damage of 10k are only doing a mere thousand or so damage. Or why is it that other people can take out huge chunks of Hit Points out of your ship while you struggle to do the same to them. To some players, dealing damage may seem to be completely random.


So how can the varying amount of damage you see being dealt in battle be explained? Well, prepare yourself for an absurdly huge wall-of-text!



The Means to an End

Quite simply, there are four methods of inflicting damage to a ship. They are:

  • Gunfire - by far, the most common means of inflicting damage to a ship. The guns in the game fire two types of shells; AP and HE shells. It doesn't matter whether it is fired from the main guns or the secondaries, the mechanics are the same. It should be noted that secondary guns of 155 mm caliber and above fire AP shells, while lower caliber secondary guns fire HE shells. HE shells also have a chance to cause Damage over Time (DoT) by starting fires.
  • Torpedoes - highly destructive when it hits, though hits are relatively uncommon compared to shells, unless the victim has terrible situational awareness. Additionally, torpedoes can cause DoT via flooding. Ship and air launched torpedoes work using the same mechanics.
  • Bombs - dropped by dive bombers, they inflict damage and start fires in a similar manner to HE shells.
  • Ramming - usually done in desperation, though sometimes for the "lulz" factor. Unsurprisingly, it is extremely devastating, considering tens of thousands of tonnes of steel are colliding with one another. It can cause flooding as well, assuming the ship survived the ram in the first place.

Additionally, modules may be damaged or destroyed; impairing the ship's combat effectiveness, or in some cases, resulting in the complete destruction of the ship.


So far so good. But how exactly is damage inflicted? For this, we will examine the Damage Model of ships.



Damage Model

First, lets see how a ship's Hit Points (HP) work in a ship. It should already be obvious to every player that a ship is considered destroyed once its HP is completely depleted. However, one does not simply deplete a ship's HP by hitting it repeatedly with shells!


Warships are undoubtedly huge complex constructions with multiple redundancies for critical machinery, auxiliary systems as well as various non-essential components. A hit to the laundry room for example would not be as devastating as a hit to the boilers or magazine. Unlike World of Tanks, where you can shoot at a cupola repeatedly to destroy a tank, where you hit a ship is plays an important role. To make the gameplay more realistic, while at the same time keeping it simple enough, a ship's damage model is divided into multiple parts. The diagram below illustrates how a ship's damage model might be constructed in game.


Diagram of a Damage Model


The Universal Hit Points pool serves as the ship's base HP. It is the maximum amount of HP the ship can lose before it is considered destroyed and is indicated by the bar players see in their ship panel as well as above other ships on their screen. There are six "sections" which represent the ship's ability to withstand damage, with each section representing a certain amount of Hit Points. In other words, each section has a threshold to the amount of damage that it can receive:

  • Bow, Stern, Midships and Superstructure - while they are each physically separate, collectively these sections represent a small portion of the ship's base HP (around 20%-30%), which is distributed proportionately among them according to their relative volume. These sections contain compartments and equipment that are mostly not critical to a ship's survival or effectiveness and is usually less armored. Thus, it makes sense that they each hold a relatively small amount of HP compared to the the ship's base HP.
  • Citadel - it is usually the most protected section of the ship, commonly situated near or below the waterline and behind the ship's thickest armor. This is where the ship's magazine and critical machinery is located. It represents the same amount of HP as the ship's base HP.
  • Body - this is not a "section" per se as it actually encompasses the entire ship. All the other sections are located inside it. In other words, regardless of which section a shell hits it also hits the Body. By itself, it represents a large bulk of the ship's base HP (around 75%-85%).

One thing that is immediately evident is that the sum of Hit Points from all sections exceed that of the ship's Universal pool. This is to help avoid situations where the last remaining points are tucked away in some place the player could not determine, making it difficult to sink the ship when it is already on its last legs.


The actual amount of damage inflicted depends on the method of application and several other factors. However, unlike World of Tanks, there is no RNG involved in its calculation. The resulting amount is not randomized. When a shell, torpedo or bomb hits a ship, one of the following will occur:

  • Non-penetrations will deal zero damage to the ship's HP. This does not apply to torpedoes as they will always penetrate. However, a HE shell or bomb may still damage modules and/or start fires even if it does not penetrate the armor.
  • An over-penetration (the shell goes through the ship from one side and exits the other) will inflict 1/10th of the AP shell's maximum damage to the ship's Universal HP. It will not deduct HP from the sections that were hit. This does not apply to torpedoes, bombs and HE shells as they can never over-penetrate.
  • A penetration will inflict 1/6th of the munition's maximum damage to the section it penetrated. Bear in mind that when a shell, torpedo or bomb penetrates, regardless of which section it detonates in, it also damages the Body. Thus 1/6th of its maximum damage is also deducted from the Body's HP pool. The damage inflicted on both sections add up to 1/3rd of the munition's maximum damage.
  • A shell hit to the Citadel will always inflict the shell's full maximum damage. HP is deducted from the Citadel without affecting other sections. It should be noted that since version 0.2.4/0.3.0 destroyers no longer have a Citadel, so it is impossible to inflict a Citadel hit on them. Almost all damage inflicted from torpedoes hitting the Midships go to the Citadel, while only a tiny, almost unnoticeable, fraction of the damage is inflicted on the Midships and Body. However, the damage is reduced by a certain factor by the ship's Torpedo Defense. More on Torpedo Defense will be explained later.

A penetrating/over-penetrating shell hit will always leave a penetration decal (glowing pseudo-3D holes) on the ship's visual model. Non-penetrations do not leave any markings.


Showcase of different types of shell hits:


Once a section's Hit Points have been depleted, it will no longer receive any further damage from penetrations. The Bow, Stern, Midships and Superstructure have relatively small pools and therefore would quickly run out. This is visually indicated by the respective sections getting darker as it takes damage until it is almost completely blackened. Further penetrating hits to the depleted section will then only inflict damage to the Body. In very rare situations, especially if almost all damage was concentrated on a single section, the Body's HP pool would also be depleted before the universal pool is depleted; and any further hits to the section will not deal any damage. However, over-penetrations and fires on the section will still deduct HP from the ship's Universal pool.


Damage threshold in action:


It becomes apparent that shooting at the same part of a ship repeatedly is not the most effective way to sink it, since each section has a limit to how much damage it can soak, with diminishing returns once a certain threshold is reached. It may seem that a better way to sink a ship quickly is to ensure that damage is spread evenly around the ship. However, this only applies if your shells can penetrate and detonate in most if not all sections of the ship; AP shells tend to over-penetrate anything that isn't the Midships, and even that has to be sufficiently armored to prevent over-penetration, while HE is mostly reliable against the Superstructure and will only penetrate other sections if the armor is thin enough. A better way to sink a ship is to inflict as many Citadel hits as possible, though this can be more difficult to achieve without enough experience and knowledge on armor, angles and shell penetration capabilities. At long ranges, a player does not have much control over where the shells land on a ship, hitting the ship at all becomes the primary concern as well as paying attention to the target's heading and orientation. It is only at short ranges where choosing precisely where to hit becomes important. More on AP and HE shells will be explained later.


The damage model also includes the ship's modules. These are located in and around the ship, some hidden behind armor while others are exposed on the deck. Each module has a certain amount of durability, and directly influences the ship's performance. However, the durability or state of a module has no effect on a ship's Hit Points (this may change in the future). The modules are:

  • Engine Room
  • Rudder/Steering Gear
  • Main Armament
  • Secondary and Anti-air Armament
  • Torpedo Armament
  • Magazine

As the module takes a hit, there is a chance that it would be a critical damage. In general, the less durability remains in the module, the higher the chance for a critical damage to occur. The Engine Room and Rudder/Steering Gear are an exception; the less durability it has the lower the chance for a critical damage to occur (apparently to make gameplay more comfortable). A module that is critically damaged will be impaired, it either stops functioning or operates at a reduced performance until it is repaired (either automatically after a period of time or instantly with the use of the Damage Control Party consumable). Once the module loses all its durability, it is destroyed and cannot be repaired. For gameplay reasons again, the Engine Room and Rudder/Steering Gear can never be destroyed. A destroyed Magazine will obviously result in its detonation and complete destruction of the ship. Damage to a module is calculated separately from damage to a ship's Hit Points; they are not mutually inclusive. It is possible for a module to take damage without the ship losing any Hit Points, especially if the module is outside the ship or was struck by splash damage from HE shells or bombs.




To inflict damage and reduce a ship's Hit Points a shell must penetrate the ship's armor. AP and HE shells differ in penetration capability, damage output, and suitability against different targets.


AP shells:

Whether or not an AP shell penetrates armor is dependent on the shell's parameters, distance traveled, the armor's thickness and the impact angle. In general, the further the shell has to travel, the more velocity it bleeds thus the less armor it can penetrate. Heavier shells retain velocity better than lighter ones. The more oblique the angle of impact, the thicker the effective armor that the shell has to go through. Seasoned players from World of Tanks will already be familiar with the concept. An important difference is, there is no ±25% RNG to the penetration parameters. RNG affects the salvo's dispersion, influencing where the shells will land, as well as ricochet probability to a certain extent.


When an AP shell hits armor, it performs the following checks:

  • Overmatch - if the shell's caliber is 14.3 times bigger than the normal thickness of the armor, the shell will automatically penetrate regardless of the impact angle;
  • Ricochet - if the shell fails the overmatch test, impacts at an angle of 60-90ø (77.5-90ø for US cruisers) from normal will automatically result in a ricochet. At 45-60ø (60-77.5ø for US cruisers) there is a chance that the shell may ricochet. No ricochet will occur at 0-45ø (0-60ø for US cruisers) from normal;
  • Penetration - if the shell does not ricochet on impact, the shell will normalize i.e. "turn in" so that the incident angle becomes closer to 0ø, making it easier to penetrate the armor. The amount of normalization depends on the shell's caliber. The effective thickness of the armor after normalization is tested against the penetration potential the shell has at the moment of impact.


Shell penetrating armor at an angle


At close ranges the shell trajectory is relatively flat, so shots to the belt will impact closer to normal angles, but hits on the deck will be glancing blows (ricochet). The opposite is true for long range shots when it becomes plunging fire (provided that the gun elevation allows it), hits to the belt will be ricochets while hits on the deck are closer to normal angles.


Close range shots.Long range shots


But wait, the damage is not applied yet! There is still another checks it needs to perform after passing the penetration test.


AP shells do not detonate immediately after penetration and will continue its flight inside the ship. Shells have a detonator that will arm upon impact with sufficiently thick armor. Once it is armed, the shell will explode after a certain delay. This is to ensure that the shell explodes inside the ship where it can inflict as much damage as possible. The detonator's arming threshold for AP shells is about 1/6th of the shell's caliber. If the armor is not thick enough, it will fail to arm and the shell may pass through the ship entirely (over-penetration), dealing minimal damage. Similarly, if the shell had armed but did not detonate before it exited the ship it will also count as an over-penetration. A shell that has over-penetrated can not hit another ship, but it may hit other parts of the same ship it initially hit and penetrate it again. Due to a ship's nature of having multiple layers of armor, a shell may perform multiple penetration checks before detonating or exiting the ship, the shell's penetration potential reduced by each layer of armor it penetrates. The arming check is also performed each time the shell impacts an object in the game (including in the event of a ricochet) until the detonator is armed or the shell flight terminates.


Various AP shell hit scenarios:


AP shells are best used against targets that are armored enough to prevent over-penetrations, but not too thickly armored to result in non-penetrations. In general, it is more likely to score Citadel hits as AP shells are more capable at penetrating the armor protecting the Citadel. Note that AP shells can penetrate armor below the waterline, but the more water it has to go through the slower it travels and the more penetration it loses. Furthermore, the detonator will also arm upon impacting the surface of the water, so there is a possibility that it will detonate before even hitting the ship and inflict no damage. An AP hit below the waterline against lightly armored targets such as destroyers might be able to penetrate the armor without over-penetrating the ship.


HE shells

Unlike AP shells, HE shells are less capable of penetrating thick armor but are not handicapped by distance or angle of impact. The following will occur when it hits a ship:

  • First, it checks whether or not it starts a fire on the section it hit.
  • Next, penetration is tested. In general, HE shells will penetrate armor up to 1/6th of its caliber size, and this appears to be the only parameter used to the test against the armor. Distance and angle of impact is ignored. Also, HE shells will never ricochet. German battleships benefit from better penetration despite having weaker damage, it will penetrate up to 1/4th of its caliber size.
  • HE shells have an extremely short fuze and very low detonator threshold, so it will detonate almost immediately upon impact even against very thin armor. The shell will detonate regardless of penetration. Citadel hits, while possible, are rare. Theoretically, HE shells will never over-penetrate and below waterline penetration is practically impossible.
  • At the point of detonation, a blast radius is constructed in which an amount of splash damage (different than the damage inflicted on HP) is assigned to it. The splash damage affects any modules that are within the blast radius. Damage to a module can be mitigated if it is protected by armor, and may even be negated completely if the armor is thick enough. Additionally, the damage also depends on the volume of the intersection of the blast radius with the module itself. The ship's HP is not affected at all by splash damage, a non-penetration or near miss from a HE shell may cause module damage without even taking a single Hit Point off the ship.

Therefore, HE is best used against poorly armored targets such as destroyers which AP shells would otherwise over-penetrate. It is also suitable against parts of a ship that have thin armor (e.g. superstructure, bow and stern) when AP shells can not penetrate other areas that are too thickly armored. Finally, as it can start fires and damage modules without penetrating, it is useful for softening up a heavily armored target by burning away its HP and destroying its secondary and AA guns.



Torpedoes and Torpedo Defense

To optimize gameplay, torpedoes will always detonate on contact with the target, regardless of impact angle. From the game mechanics point of view, it works like HE shells, with a few differences:

  • Torpedo hits will always penetrate armor. Their highly destructive force ensures that even the thickest armor would be defeated.
  • Like HE shells, a blast radius is constructed at the point of impact. However, it is a lot more powerful, able to damage even well protected modules and inflict HP damage directly to the Citadel when hitting the Midships. This is an important aspect to consider with regards to how Repair Party consumable works, which will be explained later.
  • Instead of starting fires, it can cause flooding instead.
  • The ship's Torpedo Defense (torpedo bulges, torpedo bulkheads, etc) affects the amount of damage is inflicted and the reduces the chance of flooding.

The chance of flooding depends on the torpedo; the larger and more powerful it is, the higher the chance of flooding (as of 0.5.0, it varies between 46% to 361%). As the tiers get higher, the ships have better Torpedo Defense, reflecting advancements and modernization in the ship's protection against torpedoes. The better the Torpedo Defense, the more the reduction to damage inflicted (up to half on a Tier X ship) as well as chance of flooding (up to 1/6th of the torpedo's chance).


Although torpedo bulges, bulkheads, etc are modeled as extra or additional layers of armor against gunfire, its thickness and actual layout in the game does not directly affect the amount of damage inflicted to the ship. In other words, it does not matter where the torpedo hits it. Rather, Torpedo Defense is a single hidden value (calculated based off the ship's armor layout) that is assigned along the whole length of the Midships, and any torpedo hits to the section will be reduced by this attribute. This also means that the Bow and Stern of the ship does not benefit from the ship's torpedo defense. Because of this, and depending on the ship and situation, when forced to take a torpedo hit it may be more "beneficial" to take it in the Midships rather than on the Bow or Stern.


Interestingly, the torpedo damage listed in the game are not their "true" maximum values. Their two hidden values, alphaDamage (which is nearly 3 times higher than the value listed in the game) and Damage, are used to determine the listed torpedo damage in port (alphaDamage is the value normally listed in the game for shells, but not for torpedoes for some reason). The formula is alphaDamage/3 + Damage = listed damage. However, neither values are readily accessible without datamining. A torpedo penetrating the bow or stern, and unmodified by Torpedo Defense, would inflict 1/6th of its alphaDamage to both the section and the Body. The same calculation is applied to hits at the midships but the result is modified by the ship's Torpedo Defense. The reason for displaying the compressed values instead of their true values was not explained, but it may have been done to make the damage output in battle look normal when compared to the compressed listed values, otherwise players might get confused at why their torpedoes are dealing a lot less damage than their "true" maximum value.




Bombs dropped by Dive Bombers operate on the exact same principle as HE shells, with some minor differences. They are relatively larger, comparable to low tier battleship caliber shells, thus carry more explosive filler; having larger blast radius and inflicting more damage. Their detonator threshold varies between bomb types, but most if not all have almost instantaneous fuzes. AP bombs are planned for future updates, which will be able to penetrate deeper and through thicker armor.




The mechanics for ramming are quite simple, and can be described as the following:

  • Two parameters are used when calculating ramming damage; the mass (base Hit Points) of the colliding ships, and their relative speed to each other.
  • The location of the impact and the armor thickness of the ships play no role in determining the damage inflicted.
  • The remaining amount of HP of the colliding ships do not matter, only their base (maximum) HP is used in the ramming calculation.
  • Damage inflicted in ramming is applied to the ship's Universal HP pool.
  • The maximum damage from a collision in each pair of colliding ships can not exceed the lowest base HP between the two ships. E.g. if the Erie collides with the Yamato, the maximum amount of damage Erie and Yamato will each inflict on one another is worth the base HP of Erie.
  • If the ramming damage received exceeds 10% of the ship's base HP, the ship will also take flooding damage, provided it survived the ram.
  • Collision between allied ships will not cause flooding, and ramming damage is reduced by a considerably large factor.
  • If two ships collide but neither are destroyed, and physical contact continues, the ramming calculation is repeated in fairly rapid intervals until contact is broken or one ship is destroyed.

Ramming damage is devastating even at low speeds. It should be avoided if the player's ship is still in good condition; the longer it stays in the fight the more it can contribute to the team and the more damage it can inflict upon the enemy. It should only be attempted when it is absolutely critical that the enemy ship must sink immediately, or as a last Hail Mary when the player's ship is already battered with no hope of survival. Ramming just for the "lulz" factor may or may not earn the team's appreciation; some might see it a waste of a perfectly good ship, others may think of it as going down in style.



Fire and Flooding

Although causing fire or flooding is up to RNG, the Damage over Time (DoT) is based on a percentage off the ship's base HP. A ship can be set on fire on the Bow, Stern, Midships and Superstructure; for a maximum of 4 simultaneous fires. Each fire will inflict damage at 0.6% of the ship's base HP per tick (set at 2 second intervals). Carriers receive more damage per tick, at 0.8% of its base HP in damage per tick.


A ship can only suffer one flooding at a time, even though multiple flooding ribbons could be earned per salvo. The DoT for each ship varies correspondingly to how good its damage control would have been in real life and how well its internal compartments were designed. Therefore, higher tier ships that are more modern tend to have lower DoT, around 0.25%* of ship's base HP per tick, while low tier ships may take over 1.0% of ship's base HP per tick.


Damage inflicted by fire and flooding takes away Hit Points from the ship's Universal pool. The cooldown for fire or flooding can not be restarted, so if a ship is already flooding you can't extend the timer by hitting it with another torpedo until the flooding is repaired. The same applies for sections already on fire, however the cooldown will display the time for the latest fire that was started.


* Most likely outdated, as flooding DoT for higher tier ships was raised in 0.5.1.



Repair Party

The Repair Party consumable available on all battleships as well as some cruisers. For most ships, it recovers the ship's Hit Points at a rate of 0.5% base HP/sec for up to 28 seconds when activated. E.g. the Ibuki with 39,000 base HP would be able to recover 195 HP per second for a maximum total of 5,460 HP per charge. However, the actual amount recoverable per charge is dependent on which part of the ship the HP was lost.

  • Damage to the Universal HP pool is 100% recoverable. These are damage inflicted from over-penetration, fires, flooding and ramming.
  • Damage to ship's sections; Bow, Stern, Midships and Superstructure is 50% recoverable*. These are damage from penetrations by various types of munitions.
  • Damage to ship's Citadel is only 10% recoverable (33% for cruisers that have Repair Party**). These are damage inflicted from citadel hits, including torpedo hits to the midships.

*The Warspite (UK Tier VI BB) is a special case, it can recover 60% of the HP lost in its sections (except the Citadel, which is still only 10% recoverable).

**Change implemented in version 0.5.2.


Therefore it is important to keep track of the damage the ship has suffered and only activate the Repair Party when it is fairly certain that the maximum amount of HP per charge is available to be recovered. Otherwise, activating the consumable when the amount of HP available to be recovered is less than the maximum amount the consumable can recover, the remainder of charge's duration would be wasted after all available HP has been recovered. An easy way to keep track is to take note the maximum amount of HP the Repair Party consumable can recover (the consumable's tooltip will show how many Hit Points it can recover per second) and only activate it after the ship has taken at least double the amount of damage (unless the damage was suspected to have been inflicted to the Citadel), or to counter fire/flooding damage if the ship's Damage Control Party is on cooldown or reserved for more dire situations.


The India Delta signal flag increases the amount of Hit Points that can be recovered per second by 20%. It does not increase the amount of Hit Points that can be recovered. E.g. if a ship's Repair Party can recover 100 HP/sec, and received 3000 HP worth of fire damage, activating the consumable will recover 2800 HP after 28 seconds, with 200 HP left unrecovered. If the ship had flown the India Delta signal flag, it will be able to recover at a rate of 120 HP/sec and will recover all 3000 HP worth of fire damage after 25 seconds, the remaining 3 seconds of Repair Party duration will be wasted unless the ship takes on more recoverable damage before or during activation.




Shoot HE at soft bits, AP at boilers/magazine behind enough armor. Always keep in mind of range and angle of impact. Don't bother too much about where your bombs and torpedoes hits, just as long as they hit the enemy. Ram at your own risk. Damage is not random.





#12535 Want to know about Alpha/Beta testing? Read this!

Posted JeeWeeJ on 20 September 2012 - 11:16 AM

So, you want to know about testing, eh? Good for you! Here is some info you should know about testing in general and how it relates to WoWs!
At this moment recruitment has just started on the EU forums and is ongoing on the RU forums. No date is known at the moment for the NA forums.
The post on the EU forums looks like this:

View PostEv1n, on 04 November 2013 - 02:33 PM, said:

This is the announcement you’ve all been waiting for! We are starting recruitment for the World of Warships Closed Alpha Test. We’re looking for people dedicated enough to spend time participating in test sessions and write feedback in good English.
If you meet the criteria below, feel free to post your interest in this topic. We will be looking at (in decreasing order of importance):
  • World of Warships forum activity (at least 150 good posts, no spamming)
  • WoT and WoWp alpha test veterans
  • experience in alpha testing other games
  • being a professional tester, or an IT specialist
  • proactivity and decency
What has NO effect on the application:
  • amount of battles in WoT and WoWp
  • win rate
  • age
  • country
  • city
A few words of clarification:
You will notice that most of the requirements are the same, but the post count is lower than on the Russian forums - we did this because the overall post count and attendance are higher there, although I don’t think it will make a significant difference.
Unless you meet this minimum requirement you will not be able to post in this topic, but please do not start spamming posts just to meet it - we can see what you post and will verify.
This criterion is there to help us mitigate the risk of leaks by finding people who are really interested in this project and dedicated enough to spend time posting on these forums.
Also, be aware that we reserve the right to add, remove or change these requirements in the future and to withhold access to the CAT.
Access to and participation in the CAT will also depend on you signing a legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement with Wargaming Europe, accepting test rules and regulations and attendance during testing sessions. Details on this and other particulars will be provided to eligible applicants.If there are any questions to this, please ask them in a separate thread.See you on the bridge, Captains.
See the quote above, initially there will be an open invitation if you meet certain criteria or there might be a quiz/lottery of some kind.
And now some generic info about testing (which most of you might already know):[/b]
Alpha / Beta:These are the two main stages in game testing (i won't go into unit- and focus testing, as that is usually done "in-house"). Generally speaking, in alpha testing the focus is on testing the core game mechanics. Does the engine work properly? Is everything working as intended? This phase is to squash major bugs in the core of the game and checking, as said before, if everything works as intended. Then there is Beta testing. Beta testing is focussed on finetuning the game. Bugs will still be squashed but it's more fucussed on game balance, tweaking ingame values etc. Please note that WG is free to do as it pleases in both stages, so it might add major game elements in beta. It's all up to them!To compare it with a car engine: Alpha is getting the engine to run and making sure it keeps running. Beta is making sure the engine runs smoothly and getting as much performance out of it as possible.
Is testing fun?:Sure, it CAN be! However, especially in Alpha testing, one can expect a LOT of gamebreaking bugs, server issues/restarts and more irritating stuff like that. Most importantly: DO NOT EXPECT IT TO BE A REPRESENTATIVE GAME DEMO AT THIS STAGE!!! While the Beta stage might be a lot like the final game, in Alpha a lot can change! Game elements might be added, removed or completely overhauled. Like i said earlier: the aim is to make sure the game works properly. The devs can issue test goals for testers (like: test if collision damage is handled correctly) or restrict what you can and cannot do. Testing can be a lot like normal work at this stage. It can be fun, but it can also be frustrating.Remember: the primary goal of testing is helping the devs to build a better game, not to have fun!
NDA:So, you got selected to start testing! Congrats! But you'll have to agree to a NDA, or Non Disclosure Agreement. And even though you only have to click an "I Accept" button, these are generally regarded as a binding contract, meaning that you, by law, have to be 18 years or older in order to agree with it  (or have your parents consent, might vary per region where you live) even though WG has no restriction on your age when applying for Alpha or Beta do keep this in mind. Now there will be nothing stopping you from clicking that button, but if WG finds out that you're younger (which is -if i'm correct- their responsebility), they may ban you from testing. Breaching the rules described in this NDA may result in you getting into legal trouble and getting a letter from WG's legion of lawyers.You don't want that to happen.
BUGSBUGSBUGSBUGSBUGS!!!!!!:Bugs, the nemesis of every tester! You'll never know when they appear, but when they do. Stay calm. (DO. NOT. PANIC!) Take another sip of coffee. And fill in a bug report! In this bug report you'll have to describe things like: Where did you encounter the bug? What did you do? Can you reproduce it? Can you provide a screenshot? How game breaking was it? Etc. Now, the most important part: REPORT ALL OF THEM!!!! No matter how small or trivial a bug is, when you are a tester it's your job to report them all! The devs will decide to fix them or not. As they say in the world of testing: an unreported bug is a possible recipe for disaster!  Also, a bug does not have to be something gamebreaking. If the design of a menu is bothering you, let the devs know! Usability (ease of use) is just as important as actual gameplay.
What kind of PC do i need?:Doesn't really matter, as long as it's equal or better than the minimum specs. These haven't been specified yet, but the devs have stated these to be "roughly equal" to the specs needed for WoT and WoWp. Having "obscure" hardware (stuff that you wont find in the average PC like industrial grade graphics cards with a Quadro GPU) might be a pre, as the game has to run on all sorts of machines.
What do i get out of it?:Being an active Alpha or Beta tester might be rewarded by the devs ingame with a special premium ship, like special tanks were handed out after the Beta of WoT, but this is just an assumption on my side. One of the biggest rewards you'll get is a stable, relatively bug-free game and the knowledge that you helped making the game this stable and fun. And the biggest reward of all: other people saying that they enjoy the game!Thank you for reading and happy spamming on these forums!(note: i'll try to keep this thread up to date as info becomes available)
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#2187601 "Fun and engaging game mechanics"

Posted LittleWhiteMouse on 02 August 2016 - 06:21 PM

I would personally prefer that Detonations be a two-stage event.


  1. The Detonation begins with a cordite / ammunition fire.
    Ship takes an immediate massive hit to their hit points.  Affected weapon mount(s) are immediately destroyed.  Ship begins hemorrhaging more at an alarming rate, leading to the complete depletion of any remaining HP in a very short time (within 4 seconds).  The initial damage and all damage-over-time effects are treated as citadel damage for the purposes of recovery from the Repair Party consumable (10%).
  2. Graphically, a large column of flame jets out from the affected weapon mount where the detonation was sourced.  This gives players immediate feedback that horrible things are going on.  It also lets the person who fired the shot go "whoa, look what I just did...!"
  3. The affected player may use their Damage Control Party to immediately halt the cordite burn.  This is the only way to save a ship and requires the player to be fast with their reflexes.  This represents some heroic effort on behalf of the crew to flood the magazine and save the ship, like what happened historically with the HMS Lion at Jutland.  Note that a ship that has done this can still be detonated by a subsequent hit.
  4. If the player does not or cannot stop the damage over time effect, when the ship reaches zero hit points, it graphically explodes in a horrendous kablooie, perhaps visible from space.  Everyone on the map should know that someone just detonated.  Yeah.  That big.


This means that anyone causing a Detonation is rewarded by doing a MASSIVE amount of damage to a ship.  A ship on less than half or low health probably won't have enough time to be able to use their Damage Control Party to survive the crippling hit, but a full health or near full health vessel may still have a chance to recover.  Visually, the impacts will be more spectacular, with immediate feedback not only to the player being detonated but the player that caused the detonation.  You can bet if they see the cordite fire plume jetting out from where  they hit the target that they'll be trying to aim for that point in the future.

#2868953 Mouse Reviews Ships like an Angry YouTuber

Posted LittleWhiteMouse on 13 March 2017 - 01:50 AM



United States


Man, this is easy.  Why waste my time with in depth reviews with facts when I can just toss out some buzzwords?


-edit-  Added Germany and the Soviet Union.  You guys are slave drivers.  I deliver well over 50 reviews in a single day and you still want more?  Sheesh.

Soviet Union




United Kingdom


#1839793 How to Control your Win Rate

Posted LittleWhiteMouse on 04 April 2016 - 08:18 PM

A long time ago, on a forums board far, far away, I once wrote a similar post to this one...


"My ship is under powered."

"Win rate is all luck anyway."

"RNG ruins any competitiveness in this game."

"Whenever I'm doing well, Matchmaker tries to make me lose."

"I don't stand a chance when I'm bottom tier."

"You have to division to increase your win rate."

"It's impossible to carry in World of Warships."


Controlling your win rate seems like a pipe dream for many players in World of Warships.  They may believe it to be luck, dependent on the whims of Matchmaker.  Or they may feel that they only truly gain a modicum control when they division with other players in whose performance they trust.  For some, they feel that any winning streak will have RNG slap them back into the dirt later to balance it out.  It's unfortunate that these are accepted truths in so many eyes.  However, controlling your win rate in World of Warships is something that can be done, and done solo.  Influencing how often you win is something that can be managed and progressed towards, though it's not easy.  Like anything worth doing, you're going to have to roll up your sleeves and put it some hard work.


In taking this on, you have to accept a few premises.

  • Don't count on help from anyone on your team. This is a solo effort.
  • Accept that you can (and must) improve.
  • Take ownership when you make a mistake -- this includes improperly relying on your team.
  • Celebrate when you do something really well. You earned it.
  • Use every advantage you can.
  • Take breaks often.


Practice Makes Perfect

It's important to focus on a single ship when you decide to take on this trial.  This will provide you with several advantages:

  • You become very accustomed to ins and outs of your chosen vessel.
  • You become very used to the enemy ships you regularly face.
  • Your captain will gain a lot of experience and new skills, further improving your ship's performance.
  • You get very familiar on the best areas on a map to influence the outcome of the battle.
  • While you're distracted with this project, you'll bank a lot of free experience!


You may feel yourself going a little stir crazy sticking to one vessel for so long, but it's worth it in the long run.  Take breaks as you need to but the longer you can stick this out, the better the results will be.  The best choice would be to choose a ship you enjoy playing.  It's relative power level is unimportant and don't feel ashamed if you select a ship others might deem overpowered.  This is about personal progression and seeing an overall improvement in how well you pilot whatever ship you select.


There's a reason I have played the Warspite so much.  I know what she can do and what she can't.  I'm very comfortable with not only her gunnery but how she interacts with her defensive consumables.  I know how far she's seen and how quickly she can get from one section of the map to another.  I also know what guns are dangerous to me and at what ranges.



Now that you've selected your chariot of choice, it's time to get better in it.  One of the more sobering realizations I made when playing World of Warships was listing just how many systems i didn't understand.  The more I learned about the game's systems and mechanics, the more I was better able to put them into practice to my advantage.  The more of these I understood, the easier it was for me to not only beat, but thoroughly trounce opponents who didn't grasp them.  There are a few key areas all players should focus upon in order to improve how well they perform.


The first lesson is Attack Mechanics.  Few other skills will improve your performance (and thus, your win rate) more than being able to do damage quickly and reliably to the enemy team.  This is an enormous subject and worth every moment of your time spent studying it.  Proper understanding of the following will lead to much greater levels of success:

  • Armour penetration mechanics
  • Ammunition types
  • Damage saturation & compartmentalization of hit points
  • Torpedo defense
  • Manual control of attack aircraft & aircraft management
  • Citadel hit mechanics
  • Fire and flooding critical hits.


The second component to ensure you understand is Spotting Mechanics.  Make sure you know how and why a ship is rendered or why it isn't.  Learn how the use of Captain Skills, consumables and modules can affect and change whether a ship is seen or not.  If you can't see something, you'll have a harder time killing it.  If they can't see you, you'll live longer.


Next up is learning about Defense.  If you've done your Attack Mechanics homework, you'll know that armour angling works against some attacks but not against others.  You'll also know why it's sometimes better to try and take multiple torpedo hits to your prow rather than amidships if you can help it.  The goal here is to keep your ship in the game as long as possible so this includes understanding how RNG influences AA firepower.  It also entails understanding the proper management of cool downs and consumables like Defensive Fire, Repair Party and your Damage Control Party.  Lastly, it also includes understanding what places on the map are better suited to playing to the defensive advantages of your chosen ship. 


Which leads us to the last part:  Map Awareness.  You need to familiarize yourself with the maps to the point that you can predict where each enemy ship is likely to head before they're even spotted.  You need to be able to understand the attack-flow of a push and how it can best be countered.  Learn the best defensive positions on a map.  Know where the best locations are to lend support without putting yourself in harms way and understand from where unseen fire may be coming from.  This also entails having a good understanding of how cap mechanics work in the three different game modes.


The goal here is to make yourself capable of understanding how you can beat (or harass) any one ship that you may come across, regardless of the tier difference.  If you're in a tier 4 IJN Isokaze-class Destroyer, how can you best handle a tier 6 USN Farragut-class destroyer that can easily outgun you?  What if you're in a tier 6 Budyonny-class cruiser facing a tier 8 Amagi-class Battleship?  What if your preferred method fails?  You have to have a backup plan.  Be flexible and have multiple solutions ready for any problems you may encounter.  Practice until it becomes second nature to you to cycle through these options and put them to work at dismantling whatever unfortunate soul you come across.


Singing Guns and Effective Fire

There's a direct correlation between higher damage (and kills) and higher win rates.  The theory goes that the longer you can keep your weapons cycling and landing blows on the enemy, the less hit points the enemy team will have and the more ships they'll lose.  The less ships they have, the less weapons there are hurting your team and thus, the more likely you are to win, right?


Well, that's the theory.  Putting it into practice is considerably more difficult.  One of the hardest skills to acquire (and I still struggle with this) is understanding where your attacks need to be placed to affect the greatest influence on the course of the game.  Truly excellent players are adept at getting their ship into advantageous positions where they can pour constant fire on the enemy.  They cycle their attack planes faster, they're able to put fish in the water at every opportunity and they're launching shells downrange with every reload cycle.  Not only that, they're putting the hurt on ships that need killing soonest. And when they're not actively doing this, they're moving their ship into a position to facilitate setting up their next attack run.


There's a balancing act, though.  Reckless aggression will only get your face blown off.  Playing too cautiously may end up having you waste time waiting for enemies to stumble into your prepared ambush, only to have your position overwhelmed from another vector. 


The pitfall to espousing higher damage totals is the fundamental of wasted damage.  You can't just be dropping your offensive loads on whatever target crosses your path.  As you now have a comfortable understanding of defensive mechanics, you'll know that it can take a very long time to kill a battleship if you don't have a reliable way of delivering high alpha strikes. If you can't burn them down quickly, you might not have time to burn them down at all before your team is overwhelmed.  Remember to keep target priority in mind.  Destroyers, Carriers and most Cruisers can't repair damage.  Any hit points you strip from them aren't coming back.  It's often better to kill (or drive off) the little ones first and only to resort gunning for the Dreadnoughts when there's no other targets to pick on.  This way, these damage sponges won't be wasting your time absorbing all of the punishment you're trying to dish out while their little friends go scot-free and run amuck.


When you have a better understanding of core mechanics than your opponent, you can make utter fools of them -- like making a ten-hit point-blank broadside from a Fuso do zero-damage while steadily chewing through her hit points on the return.


Defending Flags & Map Control

Think of all of the games you lost a match because your base got captured.  Imagine you could erase all of those losses from your record -- how much better would your win rate be?


With very few exceptions, when your base is under threat and you have the choice of either capping the enemy flag or flexing back to defend your own, base defense should be your priority.  In my experience, base defense will win you more games than "capping fast" ever will.   Capping is difficult.  The mechanics favour the defenders greatly, with caps being frozen when an enemy ship sails into the circle, arresting the gains made until they're sunk or pushed out of the perimeter.  The cap circles are open and exposed.  The room in which to maneuver inside them is limited, making torpedo and aircraft strikes more difficult to avoid.  Even near misses from high explosive attacks from bombs or shells will reduce that ship's cap points by half.  And with needing 3 minutes to solo cap (and a minute-thirty with assistance), capping fast is a fallacy as even a single defending ship can delay the cap for a long time.


So why do so many of us make the mistake of trying to race an enemy's cap attempts with one of our own?  Particularly when there's opposition at the enemy cap circle that will make capping fast a pipe dream?  Better to flex back.  Better to harass and harry those making the mistake of thinking they can end the game quickly.  And better to ensure the enemy never gets into the circle in the first place.  Keep a wary eye on your minimap and watch for breakouts on the opposite flank.  By knowing the speed of your ship and how much time it took you to get to where you are now, ensure you have enough time to flex back to base to spot and neutralize the ships that are pouring onto your flag.


Remember, this is your responsibility -- no one else.  It has to be you that flexes back.  It must be you that ensures that your base doesn't get capped.  It doesn't matter if you're in a poor ship to do it.  So long as your ship is still in the game, make certain that your base doesn't get capped.  If you leave it to someone else, you're trusting to RNG that Matchmaker gave you a team mate that's competent enough to do so.  This exercise is about eliminating our victimization to RNG, not espousing it.


In Domination Matches, things are equally simple.  You cannot leave flag capping to someone else.  It will be up to you to make the aggressive plays, just as it's up to you to decide which cap points to go for initially.  With your map knowledge of what ships will likely be headed where, you should be better armed to counter the enemy when they blunder into your guns.  Punish them for any attempts to take a flag.  Also recognize when your outmatched in a given area.  You don't have to surrender the cap point at this time, but understand that you're probably not going to take it.  Make the enemy work for the cap point.  Delay the capture as long as possible to slow their gains.  Once they have taken it, watch to see if they leave it undefended.  If they keep pushing, fall back and flex. 


Carry Hard

You should be confident of the following now:


  • That so long as your ship is in the game, your base will not be captured.
  • That you can best or neutralize any one ship that you duel.
  • That no matter what kind of team or map you end up with, you have a plan on what you need to do to get the best results.


Outplaying someone in World of Warships often doesn't feel clear cut.  Many of us are too used to slug-matches.  It's possible to one-shot volley a poor cruiser or to stealth-torpedo a battleship or to use concealment from open water and pummel an opponent to death.  These attacks carry a stigma of being unfair, unbalanced and unsportsmanlike.  Nuts to that.  That's how you win.  You need to preserve your hit points while stealing them from the enemy so that you're in tip top shape to do it again.  I've gotten in the habit of weighing how many hit points I'm willing to spend to see an enemy sunk.  I usually don't budget very many, knowing that I'll need more hit points later to duel my second opponent or my third.  Or my fifth. 


Because once you know you can beat any opponent one on one and you've got the health left over to do it again, you can set yourself up to be in great shape to repeat it on the next encounter -- and the one after that.  Then the only recourse your opponents have to besting you reliably is to gang up on you, and with your map awareness, you're not going to make that easy for them.


Understand that losses will still happen.  You can be an absolute rockstar on one flank, releasing the Kraken and taking C-cap all by yourself only to see that your team has melted on the other side.  Don't get mad about this or frustrated.  Recognize it for the opportunity we so rarely get to practice.  You're going to take a stab at winning with long odds -- outnumbered and outgunned.  Do everything you possibly can to win said matches.  Turn your carry-hard skills up to eleven and go down swinging.  You know what?  You're probably going to lose.  You're going to lose those matches almost every time.  But you're going to learn a thing or two in these last-stand fights.  What ships are going to be the most dangerous to you?  Can they be killed quickly?  If they can't, can you avoid them long enough to whittle down their friends?  How much time do you need to buy to keep the cap-points from reach 1000?


If you manage to pull out the win, guess what?  You've just proved that skill can affect win rate.  The game rested on your shoulders and you carried the day.  Congratulations.


In any engagement, you should assess how many hit points you're willing to spend to secure a local victory.  Sometimes killing one ship will be worth sacrificing your own, but be aware that once you're sunk, you've sacrificed all ability to affect the outcome of a battle going forward.  It's all up to chance from that point on.  Personally, I prefer staying alive so I can carry more.



So how do you know if this is working?  Well, by selecting a single ship, you can watch your stats for that one vessel and see if they do improve.  Are you doing more damage?  Are you winning more often?  And most important of all -- do you feel like you're taking control of your matches?   The catalyst for me was understanding that if I had only done X, Y wouldn't have happened.  It might have been something simple like letting that one destroyer get away that later went on to have a monster match.  Figuring out how I could ensure that X was something I could apply to as many games as possible had a tremendous influence on the outcome of my games. 


This understanding means that I haven't worried about Matchmaker or RNG in a long, long time.  Bad teams?  Doesn't bother me -- more chances for me to practice being a rockstar.  Bottom tier?  Great, more experience and credits (and glory) when I kick the sorry butts of those higher tiered ships.  Bad ship?  Then I'll be underestimated and just maybe they'll make a mistake that lets me rip their throats out.


There is little as liberating as freeing yourself from the menace of a being a victim of RNG.  Sure, there will be some games you did everything right and you still lost.  It happens.  But always ask yourself:  Did you make the best of a losing situation?  Was there ever a chance for you and you alone to have carried the day?  If the answer is 'yes', then it's a step in the right direction towards taking ownership and control of your own win ratio.

And that's a win in of itself.

#899000 Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket Update - Murmansk Will Be Credited

Posted TheMoronMike on 26 June 2015 - 08:21 AM


The response to World of Warships and our participation in the Humble Bundle program has been tremendous. We are proud to support this initiative and all of the good it does by contributing our warships, tanks and other in-game offerings to the cause.

As you are all aware we had a miscommunication about the bundle and its contents and we are taking steps to rectify it with those who purchased the Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket code.

With the World of Warships Open Beta merely days away, we want to make sure your first experience with our latest game is a great one: those of you who purchased and redeemed the Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket codes for World of Warships will be credited with the Murmansk shortly.

This ship will remain on your account through the remainder of Closed Beta, into Open Beta, and through to release. It is yours to captain.

Thanks for your continued support and we hope to see you in battle soon.



EDIT: To be clear, players will receive only the Tier V Russian Murmansk if they purchased the Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket to keep permanently. If you purchased the Murmansk with tokens from a pre-order packages, those doubloons have already been refunded to your account and the ship was removed. We will credit the ship as soon as we can and we will let you know as soon as the Murmansk in your port for OBT.


UPDATE: Accounts are now being credited with the Murmansk.

#2636439 Premium Ship Review: Admiral Graf Spee

Posted LittleWhiteMouse on 16 December 2016 - 03:35 PM

Please be aware that all of the statistics and performance discussed in this post reflect the version of the ship as she appeared during the testing period.

These are subject to change before release.

Ambush Predator.
Quick Summary:  A Cruiser with Battleship caliber guns.
Patch and Date Written:  05.15.2, December 15th, 2016
Cost:  Undisclosed at the time of publishing.
Closest in-Game Contemporary
Uhh.... ?  Y'see, when a Scharnhorst and a Nurnberg love each other VERY much...  ♥ ♥ ♥
Degree of Similarity:  Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class / Similar Role / Unique
The Graf Spee is a fairly unique ship.  She has Battleship caliber guns but they don't behave like Battleship guns, not in all of the ways you would expect.  She has the fragility of a cruiser to contend with but she has access to a Repair Party.  She's not fast like a cruiser but she's not a thunder-chunker when it comes to wiggling her tush about.
Lert suggested that I should have gone with the Molotov as the closest example.  That's not a bad choice but it's still far off.  I'ma stick with my Scharnhorst-Nurnberg mutant-baby comparison.
(Seriously though, I think something between the Molotov and Dunkerque are closest but still miles off).
  • Large hit point pool for a tier 6 Cruiser at 39,400hp.
  • Very powerful main battery of six 283mm Battleship-sized weapons.
  • Good gun handling for weapons of their size with a fast traverse rate.
  • Very accurate guns for their caliber.
  • Strong torpedo armament with excellent speed and range, especially for German torpedoes.
  • Decent handling with a 680m turning circle.
  • Has access to a Repair Party at tier 6.


  • Poor armour values with a maximum of 156mm of citadel protection.
  • Poor overall DPM, relying more on high alpha strikes to deliver damage. Poorly aimed shots or over penetrations really hurt her damage output and can leave her well behind in a damage race.
  • Her armament is ill suited for handling destroyers and she doesn't have the DPM or protection to trade with Battleships.
  • Only modest AA power.
  • Slow for a cruiser, with a top speed of 28.5 knots
"Pocket Battleship".  Oh, how I hate that term.  It's taken me quite a while to divorce myself of that classic British descriptor for the Admiral Graf Spee.  When I was little, I swallowed it wholesale, believing the Graf Spee to be stereotypical Battleship, just smaller.  This imagining entailed a ship bristling with guns, protected by heavy armour and, because she was little, high speed.  My own delusions couldn't be further from the mark.  I hope these  impressions aren't commonplace among the community.  Maybe I can shake them off fully as I make my way through this review.
Lert and Zoup have both agreed to join me.  Hopefully they can keep my wild imaginings of this vessel in check.

The Lertbox
Welcome to another Lertbox. Once again LittleWhiteMouse has let an evil black cat into her little parlor. Fortunately for her, I'm more interested in boxes than mice.

This time we're talking about Graf Spee. I've been looking forward to playing the ship, and dreading writing about her. After playtesting her, this has only increased. Let me get this right out of the way: I love this ship, but not everyone is going to. Both Mouse and I were hesitant to recommend Dunkerque, and I was accused of claiming she sucks by some people, while I just said she wasn't for everyone. Well, Spee is the same. I adore her, I think she's a great ship, but she's not for everyone.


I'm going to do something different in this Lertbox. Instead of giving tips on how to engage your direct rivals in a theoretical 1v1, I'm going to compare her to Tirpitz, Scharnhorst and Prinz Eugen, discussing how these ships differ in playstyle and feel. Hopefully this will give a solid base from which to decide whether or not you're going to part with your greenbacks for this ship
The big choice you'll have with the Graf Spee is whether or not to use the German Hydroacoustic Search or to instead go with Defensive Fire.   I played with the former for a while but found it to largely be very situational given the Graf Spee's general phobia of closing with enemies.  Overall I would recommend the latter, at least until you get your footing with this ship.  Carriers are still rather commonplace at mid tiers and you will have your AA power tested and getting in close with the Graf Spee is kind of a bad idea until you appreciate her strengths and weaknesses.
  • Damage Control Party
  • Hydroacoustic Search OR Defensive Fire
  • Catapult Fighter
  • Repair Party
Module Upgrades: Four slots, standard German Cruiser options.
Premium Camouflage:  Tier 6+ Standard. This provides 50% bonus experience gains, 3% reduction in surface detection and 4% reduction in enemy accuracy.
Primary Battery:  Six 283mm rifles in 2x3 turrets in an A-X configuration.
Secondary Battery:  Six 105mm rifles in 3x2 turrets and eight 150mm rifles in single turrets.
Torpedoes:  Eight tubes in 2x4 launchers mounted to each side on the stern.
These aren't the Scharnhorst's 283mm rifles.  At a glance they look similar.  Some of their stats are identical and you might overlook the important differences between the guns of the Graf Spee and the Scharnhorst.  They share the same rate of fire, rotation speed and appearance.  However, there are three key differences.
  1. The Graf Spee has a higher muzzle velocity at 910m/s vs 890m/s of the Scharnhorst.
  2. The Graf Spee has a harder hitting AP shell with 8,400 alpha strike vs 7,600 of the Scharnhorst.
  3. The Graf Spee has significantly less dispersion.

It's these latter two traits which are so important to the performance (and viability) of the Graf Spee.  The Graf Spee is an alpha-strike ship, defined by it's ability to deal front-loaded salvos of heavy damage against targets rather than wear them down over time with volume of fire. You want to hit a target so hard it pulverizes them and makes them think twice about engaging you.  Her accuracy deserves special notice.  This isn't caused by a favourable sigma value (though she may have one).  The Graf Spee's raw dispersion values at her maximum range of 16.0km are lower than any other Battleship in the game.  Here's some raw values of similarly ranged ships at this distance.

  • DE Battleships: Approximately 223m
  • IJN Battleships:  Just shy of 200m
  • Admiral Graf Spee: 184m
  • IJN & DE Cruisers: Approximately 144m


So not only is the Graf Spee a cruiser armed with Battleship caliber guns, she's a cruiser armed with Battleship caliber guns with almost a cruiser's level of accuracy.  The Graf Spee can be a real nightmare for other ships of her type -- throwing railcars at their faces and hoovering up 8,400hp citadels with every salvo.  Her 283mm rifles can overmatch any 19mm sections of armour or thinner, so even angling may not protect your ship.  Be aware of your armour's thickness before trying to bow tank a Spee.  Her firepower is also sufficient to give a Battleship pause, being accurate but also as fast reloading as the Scharnhorst.  If you give her your side in your Super Dreadnoughts, you deserve the pain train the Spee will deliver.

Where these guns really lack is in handling destroyers.  She has neither the fast reload nor the volume of fire to put off enemy DDs.   Like all German ships, her high explosive rounds are lackluster.  At a 4.0km range, her secondary compliment is respectable for a ship her size -- certainly better than comparable American Battleships -- but it's not likely to give any destroyer pause except for one on very low health. 
With all this in mind, is her artillery compliment any good?  Well, no...  No it isn't.  It's "interesting" but it's a far cry from "good", in my opinion.  She's excellent at biting the faces off of other cruisers (which is historically accurate) but she doesn't have the firepower to seriously challenge a Battleship and she doesn't have enough guns or a fast enough reload to put down enterprising destroyers.  Like the Belfast, she is over specialized -- a perfect fit for one role and awkward to passable in other situations.
 Arguably just as interesting as the Graf Spee's main battery is her torpedo armament.  Like her guns, these things are weird.  They're mounted on the stern of the ship, well behind the second turret.  This gives them tremendous fields of fire, both forward and aft.  But the launching angle will always seem odd as they come from well behind your field of view in the ship.  As for the fish themselves, they're rather noteworthy.
 With 13,700 alpha strike, they're not bad for their tier (not great, mind you, but at least they're not American).  Where they really stand out is their high speed of 65 knots and their range of 8.0km.  Don't be fooled -- you'll never be able to launch fish from stealth in open water with the Graf Spee, but this is 2km longer than the reach of most other German Warships.  They can and will surprise people.
  • Though small in number, the Graf Spee's main battery is accurate and hard hitting.
  • She relies upon delivering high alpha strikes, not DPM to bring down her opponents.  Inaccurate fire or poor target choices will greatly reduce her effectiveness.
  • Her secondary battery is heavy for a cruiser but light for a battleship
  • Her torpedoes are surprisingly good for a German Cruiser but their utility is hampered by not being able to fire from stealth.


No, she didn't dodge those.  Her torpedo tubes are mounted on the stern.  This gives them excellent firing arcs, especially to the rear.  When launching them at targets ahead, they will always appear to come from odd angles.

Top Speed:  28.5 knots
Turning Radius:  680m
Rudder Shift Time:  10.3s
The Maneuverability of the Graf Spee is a bit of a mixed bag.  I am disappointed with how slow she is.  Her 28.5 knot top speed is ... well, it's bad for a cruiser.  It would be alright for a Battleship but she's not a Battleship.  The Graf Spee needs to rely on concealment and her agility to stay alive and not being able to outrun ships she cannot outfight is a real weakness.  She will face ships like the Scharnhorst-class, the Dunkerque and Bismarck-class which can all easily outrun her. 
This also limits her flexibility.  You don't have any tricks to extract yourself if you sail into a contested area. Defensively, you will have to maneuver the Graf Spee very much like the Molotov.  Keep at range.  Give yourself time enough to dodge incoming fire, especially from enemy cruisers (but especially from Battleships).  

Rivals: Scharnhorst

Let me get the first thing out of the way: Graf Spee's guns are not the same as Scharnhorst's. The differences are slight, but real. Scharnhorst has longer barrels, and fires a heavier shell, but at a slower muzzle velocity. This means that Spee has even flatter arcs than Scharnhorst and shorter time-to-target, at the expense of losing more energy over distance.


Scharnhorst is a brawling opportunist. This is the ship that plays from the first line and actively looks for an opening, then mercilessly pushes in, weathering withering fire and closing in for the brawl. This is something you simply can't do in Spee, being slower and simply not having the armor to tank the amount of fire that Scharnhorst can without problem.

Hit Points:  39,400
Maximum Protection:  100mm + 16mm over her citadel
Min Bow & Deck Armour:  19mm (immunity up to 271mm rifles)
Torpedo Damage Reduction:  22%
For resilience, the Graf Spee has some pretty exceptional qualities for a tier 6 cruiser.  The first is pretty obvious; she has a truck load of hit points -- more than even the Mogami at tier 8.  She has almost Battleship quality steel on her bow, stern and deck at 19mm thick, the same as the tier 5 Dreadnoughts.   This is enough to repulse anything up to heavy cruiser armour piercing shells when angled sufficiently.  On top of this, the Graf Spee has a Repair Party consumable which can help recover health when things go wrong (and they will). Combine this with her 22% damage reduction from torpedo hits along her flanks and the Spee looks pretty good as far as durability goes.
That is until you look closer at her armour.  Her citadel doesn't sit too much higher than the waterline.  But it's the thickness of armour around it that's concerning.  There are three layers protecting the majority of her citadel from damage.  She has 16mm of submersed armour from her anti-torpedo bulge with a 100mm layer of belt armour behind that.  The citadel herself has a 40mm wall, giving what appears to be a 156mm of combined protection which seems pretty okay.  However sandwiched layers of steel have their downsides.  While they may make citadel hits less likely, they're also more likely to prevent a shell from over penetrating.  If you don't angle properly, you can expect to take some pretty big hits.  Do it properly and you should be able to protect your citadel from most other cruisers.  This quickly falls apart when facing Battleships though.
Her Repair Party will often feel taxed.  It appears to be standard, healing back 0.5% of her health every second for 28s (14% total or 5,516hp).  Like all cruiser Repair Parties, this does permit you to heal back more citadel damage than those found on Battleships.
Her citadel is enormous, in truth.  It's not very well submerged and it extends far more to the rear than you might normally expect.  With her bow and stern easily overmatched by even the smallest of Battleship guns (including her own), you need to rely on concealment and agility to stay safe.  Against smaller targets, maneuver and angling can help carry the day, but it's still better to avoid  damage than trust on your armour to tank it or your Repair Party to heal it.

Rivals:  Prinz Eugen

Eugen is faster, but doesn't turn as well. She has eight of the typical German 8" guns with a 13 second reload, backed up by roughly center mounted torpedoes with a 6km range. In terms of playstyle, she is perhaps closest to Graf Spee out of the three ships in this comparison. I play her from the second line, keeping a sharp eye on the minimap and moving to where support is needed, WASD'ing all the time to throw off incoming enemy fire. I move up when I think I can and slink back to lick my wounds when needed. I drove Spee the same.


Where Eugen and Spee differ though is in how I use the guns. Eugen has more, weaker guns, with a higher ROF. I'm constantly looking for viable targets when driving Prinz Eugen, prioritizing cruisers over battleships and close / mid range destroyers over cruisers. I try to keep my guns constantly singing, putting out volume of fire, farming DPS. Spee meanwhile has a very low DPM or volume of fire, but makes up for that with heavy alpha potential. I prioritize broadside battleships over cruisers and try to time my salvoes more to what maneuvers the enemy is making.


Spee's torpedoes are flat-out better, with better range and better arcs - especially vs ships chasing you. It's rare when I can use Eugen's torpedoes, but I'm more likely to look for a chance to use Spee's. I drive Prinz Eugen more like a support ship, constantly putting pressure on anyone within range. I used Spee more like an opportunist, delivering heavy damage to whatever target is most viable.


I found fires to be a continual problem for the Admiral Graf Spee.  While she has the armour to bounce AP shells from destroyers and cruisers, they never seem to want to cooperate and shoot armour piercing at me.
Concealment & Camouflage
Surface Detection Range: 13.1 km
Air Detection Range: 8.5 km
Minimum Surface Detection Range:  11.2km
Concealment Penalty while Firing: +8.49km (vs 16.0km gun range)
Well, you're never going to be able to make the Graf Spee sneaky, that's for sure.  Her guns are too big and so is her surface detection range.  This should clearly emphasize the need to keep your distance from dangerous opponents (read: everyone).  Use the accuracy and hitting power of your guns along with your agility to dodge reprisals.  Be aware of your low speed and that if things turn sour, you will not be able to easily disengage if you let them slip within your surface detection range. 


Rivals: Tirpitz

Everything I said about Scharnhorst goes doubly so for Tirpitz. This German brute brawls and tanks with the best of them, has significantly heavier firepower and boasts a decent set of torpedoes to boot. This is a ship that lives for the brawl, with an armor scheme that becomes stronger the closer you come, and a very nasty poison dagger in the form of torpedoes. The two ships couldn't play more differently. In fact the only thing that they have in common is aforementioned poison dagger.


The last thing you want to do in a Graf Spee is move in for the brawl, or try to facetank biblical amounts of damage. She can brawl in a pinch, but her low speed means that getting there is an issue in and of itself, and her weak armor means you're not going to last long when you do. Only push in for a brawl from a position of strength, when you're confident your health, firepower and torpedoes mean you will win the brawl, after which you can use your heal to recover some of the health you're inevitably going to lose.

Anti-Aircraft Defense
AA Battery Calibers: 105mm / 37mm / 20mm
AA Umbrella Ranges: 4.5km / 3.5km / 2.0km
AA DPS per Aura: 50 / 10 / 30
I shouldn't have been surprised to see the Graf Spee suffer from what could be described as "early-war AA power".  It's an affliction that many premium ships have succumb to, including the Dunkerque, Arizona and Perth.  Without the Defensive Fire consumable, the Graf Spee's AA power isn't sufficient to keep her safe from enemy carriers.  You'll be lucky to chew through an aircraft or two before they launch their attacks.  Without help, you're never going to do enough damage to wear down their reserves.  The consumable will at least make you a less appealing target and you might even bloody the noses of the incoming attack waves.  Players should seriously consider arming that over Hydroacoustic Search.
Still, I would never be so bold as to call the Graf Spee's AA power "good", even when specialized for it.

While the Graf Spee will never have anything close to formidable AA power, with the Defensive Fire consumable, she can at least protect herself.


Overall Impressions

Skill Floor: Simple / Casual / Challenging / Difficult
Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme
 Do not invest in the Graf Spee lightly.  She combines some of the difficulties of a cruiser with some of the difficulties of a Battleship.  When we were play testing the Graf Spee, there were some testers who just couldn't make a go of her.  But on the flip side, those that did succeed with her did very, very well.  If you couldn't find that magic engagement range that worked just right for your play style or if you couldn't prioritize your targets, the Graf Spee just didn't perform.   You'll be tempted to play her like a Battleship.  Don't.  You'll be tempted to play her like a light cruiser.  Don't do that either.  She's her own beast.
Lert hit the nail on the head when suggestion that she's sort of like the Molotov.  You need to find that magic range where your own guns perform well but not so close that the enemy can easily shoot you back.  Unlike the Molotov, though, your guns are nowhere near as ubiquitous -- nor do you have as many of them with anything close to the same reload.  They're best suited to slapping cruisers and battleships, instead of being suitable for harassing all comers.
 The real pinnacle of good Graf Spee play comes when you can effectively use her Hydroacoustic Search offensively.  This requires getting close, as you can imagine -- dangerously close.  To do so means that you understand how to isolate prey and how to avoid reprisals.  You also trust your gunnery and torpedo skills to unmask prey that's attempted to go to ground.  While I do strongly advocate for inexperienced Spee players to stick to Defensive Fire while they're learning the ship, the move over to Hydroacoustic Search unlocks the last bit of nastiness this ship can deliver.  British cruisers beware.

The Lertbox

Graf Spee is a strong ship. At least, I firmly believe so. Bad games were rare for me, and even in those cases I had fun. Her guns punish broadside cruisers, and even angled battleships at range usually caught one or two of my shells for a couple thousand damage. But strong as she is against cruisers and reliable as she is against battleships, Spee doesn't have the volume of fire to effectively deal with destroyers. Where she falls apart most is in tanking incoming fire. Her armor can reliably bounce 8" AP when properly angled, but battleship fire just yolo's through you like a hot knife through butter.


The thing is though, that goes for all cruisers at her tier. And Spee has more hitpoints, and a heal. The three key things to keep in mine when driving Graf Spee are that you're not driving a battleship, you're driving a cruiser - and that target selection is paramount, more than in other cruisers. The third is that other cruisers are faster, so you must be aware not to overextend.


Her dispersion is good, far better than that of the German battleships, but it won't feel that way because of her low volume of fire. Her torpedoes are excellent and a powerful deterrent for anyone chasing her. This is a cruiser that bullies cruisers, but doesn't do well against destroyers, and though she can reliably damage battleships, that damage is nibbles rather than large bites. That said, I found her AP more consistent against battleships than that of 8" or 6" armed cruisers at the same tier.


I love this ship. But that's just because she clicked with me.

Mouse's Summary: 
  • She's not an easy ship to use.  Opinions from testers really were heavily polarized as "too strong" or "too weak".
  • The Graf Spee is amazing as an ambush predator.  Success with this ship often involves holding fire until just the right target or opportunity presents itself. 
  • Destroyers are scary.
  • Carriers are also scary.
  • But not as scary as a tier 8 Battleship that's faster, tougher and harder hitting than you deciding it wants to eat you.


When I imagined classic Battlecruiser game play for World of Warships, what I imagined isn't what I saw with the likes of the Ishizuchi or the Amagi.  These are both fast-battleships with slightly less armour.  I pictured the ships being much more lightly armed and much more fragile.  This was, of course, my imagination running far and away from what reality should have indicated.  You can imagine my surprise when playing the Graf Spee dredged up these impressions.


The Graf Spee is going to polarize the community.  Some are going to love her.  Some are going to say she's grossly overpowered.  Then there are going to be others that can't make her work for the life of them.  The Admiral Graf Spee is heavily overspecialized.  She's a wonderful ambush predator but she's very selective of her prey.  Destroyers and Carriers can give her a lot of problems.  Sailing predictably will get her deleted with contemptuous ease.  Choosing your targets poorly or announcing your presence prematurely will greatly reduce the amount of damage you can inflict.
 The only thing I really didn't like about the Graf Spee was her top speed.  I dunno, in my head, in the histories I had read or heard about her, I somehow got the impression that she was wicked fast but that's clearly not the case.  In fact, it's probably one of her greatest weaknesses -- an inability to largely dictate engagement ranges.  Short of meeting a brick or a Bogue, you're not outrunning anyone.  Maneuver poorly and this forces the Graf Spee to have to fight her way out.  At times like these, that six gun broadside feels mighty small and her reload painfully long.
Would I Recommend?
 Generally?  No.  The Graf Spee is going to give the novice player a lot of trouble.  She doesn't have enough firepower and she's too fragile with a dependence on keeping engagement ranges open to survive.  I could hedge my bets by saying she's a welcome challenge or an opportunity for players to use to improve themselves but there's definitely a touch of finesse required to get the most out of Spee and I question if the average Warships player is going to espouse the necessary tactics or cry foul at their imposition.
Special mention should be made for those who enjoy Co-Op, of course.  The Graf Spee does very well there.  Her guns are hard hitting.  Her torpedoes are fun to use and bots are categorically dumb.  It's very easy to do well with her there and score big damage totals in short order to boot.
  • For Random Battle Grinding
Mouse:   The Graf Spee is a good trainer for your German captains, no matter what their proficiency.  However, with up to four consumable slots with three likely vying to be upgraded to premiums, it's hard to see the Graf Spee as being a good credit earner.  The Scharnhorst is a better buy for your German training and credit earning needs, hands down.   I can't justifiably recommend her here.
Lert:  I think so, yes. Spee makes a decent amount of credits and XP, comparable to ships like Molotov and Perth. She's comfortable to drive, if slow, and can reliably do the damage needed to earn aforementioned credits.
  • For Competitive Gaming
Mouse:  I'm strongly inclined to say no.  I would bring a Dunkerque instead of the Graf Spee.  The Dunkerque is faster, harder hitting and tougher.  That said, the combination of big guns and hydro is tempting for a competitive environment, but I see her too easily trumped by the all-too common destroyers of in Ranked Battles.   The Leander would arguably be a much better choice.  And not a premium you had to buy.
Lert:  No. Reliable volume-of-fire cruisers like Aoba, Cleveland and Molotov are better suited. Plus, Spee is just too slow in a meta where flexibility is paramount. Her hitpoints and heal just don't make up for her deficiencies here.
  • For Collectors
Mouse:  Why hasn't Hollywood made a recent Admiral Graf Spee film?  Yes.
Lert:  This is the Admiral Graf Spee we're talking about. The lead antagonist of the first naval battle of WWII and the main part one of my favorite stories of the war, a story filled with honor, integrity, intrigue and sacrifice. For any collector serious about naval history, Graf Spee is a crown piece of any collection and a must-buy.
  • For Fun Factor
Mouse:  I enjoyed her.  But I like my odd ships.  There's certainly a uniqueness to the Graf Spee that I really enjoyed.  Plus, I really like the challenge of stalking enemies from afar to deliver crippling sudden strikes.
Lert:  Maybe? It strongly depends on whether you can make her work or not. She's slow-for-a-cruiser and doesn't have a high volume of fire to make her excellent against destroyers, a role typically assigned to a Cruiser.
Boom, baby.  While she doesn't have a lot of guns, you will LOVE how well they pop cruisers suddenly and dramatically.
How to Spee and Neuter your Admiral Graf
As far as a training ship goes, there's a lot of overlap with the Graf Spee and other ship types.  Short of something weird happening with the German destroyers, she will probably end up a decent trainer for them too.
Recommended Modules
 Here's my picks for your modules:
  • For your first slot, Main Armaments Modification 1 is your best choice.
  • In slot number zwei, as good as her dispersion is, you're going to want Aiming Systems Modification 1 to tighten it up further.  A lot of your shell fire will be at what amounts to long range for the Spee.
  • Are the third module slots all still terrible?  Yep, looks like.  So go with Damage Control System Modification 1.  At least this gives a small increase to your torpedo defense.
  • And finally, for your fourth slot, Steering Gears Modification 2 is your best choice.  This will reduce your rudder shift time down to 8.2s which will really help with dodging fire.


Recommended Consumables

Like any consumable heavy ship, you really need to watch your budget with the Graf Spee when it comes to equipping premium versions as you can put a significant dent on your earning potential.  If you're taking her into Co-Op, even just a pair of these can quickly zero-sum you on a poor performing match.
  • As ever, a premium version of her Damage Control Party is almost a must.
  • While you have the choice between Hydroacoustic Search and Defensive Fire, I find the latter to be more forgiving at least until you get comfortable with the Spee.  This will not turn her AA power into anything formidable but you may find some nice opportunities to either assist comrades or save your own butt if a strike-equipped CV wants to test the new-boat.  Which they will.  For those pinching pennies, you can avoid the premium versions of these.
  • Don't ever take a premium version of an aircraft unless you hate credits.
  • But do consider taking a premium version of your Repair Party.  The combination of a reduced reset timer and additional charge can save your ship.


Recommended Captain Skills

The Graf Spee doesn't predicate taking any weird skills, thankfully.  Though she might not gel particularly well with some of the secondary-heavy built Captains such as for the Bismarck or the Friedrich der Große.
  •  As ever, take Basic Fire Training for your first slot.  This will bump up your AA power and give your secondaries a little bit of extra teeth.  We're not focusing on building up our secondaries, but it will happen as a matter of course.
  • For slot number two, Expert Marksman and Last Stand are both worthwhile.  The former will reduce your 180' turret rotation down to 22.8s.  Even though the Graf Spee looks the part of a Battleship, she does get her steering gears and engine blown out on occasion when you don't dodge properly.  While not as chronic as that of the Konigsberg or Nurnberg, you may find Last Stand worthwhile.  I would recommend Expert Marksman more though.
  • At slot number three, Superintendent is my preferred choice with the caveat that you have to be making use of all of your consumable charges on a regular basis for this to be worthwhile.  Otherwise go with Vigilance to spot torpedoes earlier.  If you're particularly mean, you could also go with Torpedo Acceleration.  This will reduce the Spee's torpedo range to the stereotypical 6km range of other German ships but launches them at a horrifying speed of 70 knots.  Hilarious!
  • Next up, Advanced Fire Training is definitely the best choice.  This will give your AA power and Secondaries a nice boost to their range, bringing them up to 5.4km and 4.8km respectively.
  • And finally, take Concealment Expert.  This will reduce your surface detection range with camouflage down to 11.2km.  You won't be able to stealth fire, but you will be better able to control engagements when you hold fire between reloads.


For more articles in this series, please visit:  LittleWhiteMouse's Mega Ship Review Guide

#2894543 I ranked out on all 5 servers this season. These are my observations.

Posted generaldort on 22 March 2017 - 09:25 PM

Sup playas,

     Ranked is a pain, but it can sure be a lot of fun.  I wouldn't have got rank 1 on ever server if I didn't think it was fun.  You get to go off on your own which brings an odd type of violent-peace with it.  It's a good time to clear my head, dev strike fools, and of course, talk smack.  The game can get boring for me sometimes because we don't have any in game team play options beyond a regular division.  So I took to the different continents for entertainment and to see if NA was truly the highest skill server on the planet.  Here's what I found by server and the total amount of games played + win rate this season:


NA: 103 Games/63% Win Rate:  We have hands down the highest skilled individual players here.  Teams of 3-5 DDs, 1-2 Cruisers, and minimal Battleships.  Lots of WASD movement and players who are difficult to hit.  The problem is our team play isn't as good as some other servers and the "pub stars" get steamrolled relatively easily.  Luckily, we all speak the same language so communicating to fix bad strategy is relatively easy.


EU: 130 Games/62% Win Rate:  Teams of 1-4 DDs, 1-2 Cruisers, 3-4 Battleships.  Players here are decent but don't possess the individual skill that NA has.  They are easier to hit and don't WASD as much.  They do however have the best team play techniques of any server I have seen which makes up for their overall individual skill shortfalls. Also, this server has the most toxic chat in the world (which should mean a lot to you all coming from me).  These people make me feel like I'm somewhere in Southern Alabama circa 1925, I'm at the dinner table, and my dad slapped my mom because the fried chicken wasn't crispy enough.  Overall a fun experience though.


RU: 161 Games/ 63% Win Rate:  Teams of 1 DD, 1 Cruiser, and 5 Battleships.  This is the land of vodka, heavy ships, and extra stars.  Yes you heard me right.  It takes an extra star per rank to get out of there.  Seeing 6 stars instead of 5 in the premier bracket will make you want to suck start a Yamato main gun.  These people can't be bothered with puny ships smaller than 30,000 tons.  They will sit still broadside to you until you punish them for it.  Only then will they take you seriously and move.  Barely any of them speak English but they are decent team players if you ping the map a lot to get your point across.  Russians are VERY entertaining people however.  They are a highly energetic bunch on twitch and come out of the woodwork if they find out you are playing on their server.  Have google translate ready.


SEA: 199 Games/55% Win Rate: Teams of 1-3 DDs, 4-5 ARP Cruisers, 1 Battleship.  This is what I like to call the "sorry" server.  Every single person that dies says sorry in chat.  Nothing is more infuriating than losing 4 ships in 4 minutes and seeing "DEVASTATING STRIKE, sorry, DEVASTATING STRIKE, sorry, DEVASTATING STRIKE, sorry, DEVASTATING STRIKE, sorry" in red and green looking like a giant Christmas tree of shame in the chat box.  This is the worst server I have been on both in terms of individual gameplay and team efforts.  Everyone speaks a different language so I assume that's partly to blame.  Teams never go together anywhere and almost always split.  You'll see the random Scharnhorst go down the 10 line on North playing Microsoft Yacht Simulator while you're in the prison shower trying to shoo away Nasty Nate and Squirrel Mastah around A.  Your attempts to communicate with him will be futile since he looks at English like we look at ancient Egyptian.  The Australians are the most fun people to play with here.  Everyone else is suspect.  Sorry, I'm still salty AF about these people and their Arpeggio ways.


CHINA: 180 Games?/Unknown Win Rate:  1-3 DDs, 3-4 Cruisers, 2-4 Battleships.  I'd like to tell you more about my stats there but I don't read Chinese.  Life beyond "The Great Firewall" is amazing.  All national flags and emblems are stripped from vessels.  Japanese ships are also renamed after animals because the Chinese are still pretty salty about WWII.  Also, you're not allowed to talk bad about the government so stay away from doing that unless you want the boot.  This server is chalked full of bots and aim hacks.  The bots are easy to spot and fun to farm but get annoying if they're on your team.  If you break into the rank 10 bracket, then you generally escape them, but then you run into the "warpackers".  They have aiming hacks which allow them to score more hits, see in smoke, and dodge shells.  The problem with that is....the players still suck and have no map or situational awareness.  So they get wrecked anyway.  Also, what good is am aim hack if everyone is constantly wiggling their ships?  The sad part is, in China, hackers are celebrated and not shamed like in America.  Players rally around them to seek a carry.  The great part about this server is the fans.  They LOVE Americans.  Or at least me for some reason.  This website is hilarious https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5009306799?pn=1.  I get non stop messages and invites in game like I have never got on any other server.  They also flood into the twitch channel in droves to show their support.  These are the most fun people I've ever played with in ships.  That server is like the wild west in all its lawless glory.  ChairmanDort will return!


Here are some general things I've realized on my journey:

1. I have no life.

2. Ranked is hard, it's even harder when you're stupid.

3. Battleships can carry, but the skill ceiling is high.

4. Play to win until your only DD dies, then play to save the star.

5. Don't speak ill of the communist party on the Chinese server.

6. You can't smack talk on the Russian server.  They just look at you funny.

7. Google translate is your enemy, not your friend.  So find a loyal translator who can help you navigate through the chat mayhem.  Case in point: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5009306799?pn=1  look how Google translate shows how the Chinese talk about me and have a good laugh.

8. The Sims will save its star after doing 1k dmg and getting a cap.

9. EU has the most toxic chat, SEA has the nicest.

10. Foreigners like German ships way too much.

11. Learn to use a scout plane to slap Belfasts and Fijis in smoke.  Teach them the lesson they deserve.


I hope this was insightful.  I sure had a good time.  I appreciate everyone's support on twitch, my OPG clan mates for dealing with my prolonged absence from normal duties, and my boy big_cabb from NADO!


I look forward to seeing your reactions and/or trolling posts.  I love trolling posts.




generaldort aka ChairmanDort aka 580th best BB NA



#2668037 WoWs Offline Mode, Review

Posted RedSeaBear on 27 December 2016 - 12:07 AM

Thanks to a surprise Christmas Present I have the opportunity to review WoWs; Offline Mode. An interesting take on the game we all love to play. 


So with the format of the best ship reviewer on the forum, lets get to it shall we.



Quick Summary

A simple game for blowing up ships. Doesn't require an Internet connection or even a computer to play. 


Game cost about $13.40 US at time of writting. 

Patch & Date Written

I think this is patch 0.0.01, December 26, 2016

Not even sure this game has ever needed a patch. 


Closet In Game Contemporary

A pad of paper maybe?


Degree of Similarity

World of Warships has come a long way since this first iteration. This version is more tactile and seems like a very stable build. Although it does lack some of the polish and features found in the current WoWs Build.



  • Play warships off line and without power even.
  • Easier to deal with hacks.
  • Simple rules and easier game mechanics to understand.  
  • Can be played with friends and family. 
  • Control a fleet not just one ship.
  • This version has SUBS.
  • 1v1 match making.
  • No micro transactions. 


  • Not feature rich. 
  • Cheating can be a problem.
  • No path for expansions.
  • Limited ship lines.
  • Limited multiplayer.
  • One time buy in cost, unless you can raid a relatives game closet.
  • Getting lucky with Blind fire is a must.
  • Limited maps.
  • This version has SUBS.


This is warships in its most simple form. And only supports Two Players. You are limited to 5 ships but you get to control those ships in a fleet action which is interesting.

Game Mode is a standard battle so you need to sink all the ships on the other team to win. 

The Battle field is very static once that game begins. 

Games seem to be quick, depending on how fast the players can call their shots and mark them. But there is no time limit, this isn't taking into account any fights that might happen over ship placement. 

Speaking of ships you get one ship of each of the five classes and if they are all sunk its game over. 


First ship in your fleet is the patrol boat, looks like a destroyer to me. Easily hid but has the smallest health pool of all the ships.

Patrol Boat


Next we have the cruiser, not as stealth as the previous ship but it does have more HP.



The wait is over this version of WoWs has submarines but they aren't as stealth as people would like.



Here we see the only Battleship you will be playing with. Decent amount of hit points, harder to hide but can take some punishment. 



Finally the Aircraft Carrier. She has the most hit points because good luck hiding this girl. 



One down side to this game is the map variety. Its limited to just one map, some imagination is helpful.


The Bert Box

 Hi, I'm an imaginary friend of the Sinksalot Fleet and I want to think RSB for giving me a chance to talk about a troubling problem with this version of WoWs. That is the ways a player can cheat at this game. Now I'm not suggesting you employ any of these underhanded tactics. But I hope by sharing them you will be better able to spot them when they are played against you. 
Knowledge is power. 


First we have the Ghost Fleet tactic. Your adversary is playing the game but their ships never left port.



 Next is the Stacked Deck tactic, its a risky strategy but it can still give the other player a headache.



Finally we have the Boarder Hugger, The ships are on the board but just barely. 



There is one more cheat that can be played against your fleet and that is the dreaded Aim Hax.
Your rival has gained inside knowledge on your fleet, either they peaked while you weren't looking or there is a spy feeding them information, coast watcher style. 
Your Fleet is doomed its just a matter of time. 



Now that you've learned all the ways you can be cheated, I hope you will be armed to deal with them if sibling/cousin or former best friend try them on you.  




You will need a lot of these for effective game play.


Fire Power:

You have Red Pins for Hits and White Pens for Misses. [See above picture]


This game can be played anywhere. 


Game is made of plastic so be careful with it and it should last several years. 

Concealment & Camouflage:

Neither side will see their rival fleet, its like a Ranked match with 8 Benson popped their smoke at the same time. I would recommend you don't play around mirrors and guard you fleets location.

Anti-Aircraft Defense:

You have a CV but there is no danger of Air attacks, I think we play with cruiser missiles or ICBMs.


Overall Impressions.

Skill Floor; Simple

Skill Ceiling; Low


Bears Summary;

Sometimes simple classics are just what you need to take a break from the camping meta found in the higher tiers. And I like how easy this game is to set up and play. That simplicity helps introducing new players to the game. Beware of some of the underhanded tactics some players could be tempted to employ. But all in all its a fun game.


Would I recommend:

Yes if you like classic game play this one is fun to have and who doesn't like to hear 'You Sank my Battleship' never gets old. 

Random Battle Grinding:

There is NO path for grinding up tech trees. This can be a plus and a negative in some peoples books 

Competitive Gaming:

Is there a competitive table top gaming scene? I mean my family can get very competitive with board games, don't ask about the Great Monopoly scandal of 2008.


Its a gaming classic so I expect collectors will already have it. But if you are new to the table top gaming scene why haven't you bought it already?


Recommended Consumables:

I find cold drinks and salty snacks are best consumed while playing any tabletop game.


Recommended Captain Skills:

Blind luck? You either get RNG lucky and hit ships blind firing or you develop a careful hunt and destroy method of locating the enemy ships.


I hope this review of a timeless classic WoWs battle mode helps in you choice for how to sink ships.

The Sinksalot Fleet salutes those who sail here.  

#2634096 Regarding USS Alabama

Posted Trevzor on 15 December 2016 - 10:35 PM

Hey everybody,


We have noticed a lot of threads going on regarding USS Alabama and we wanted to clarify a few things for all of you:

USS Alabama that is currently coming to the World of Warships client is indeed a special ship only available to the Supertesters as a reward ship. This ship is going to be given to testers who have dedicated an exceptional amount of time to the improvement of World of Warships.


We are planning to sell a regular version of Alabama in the future, unfortunately we don’t have specific dates to share with you at this time. Normally we don’t announce sales this far in advance, but seeing the overwhelming response to this ship, we have decided to make an exception.


Keep your eyes on the portal and forums for more information when it becomes available.


Good luck out there!

#2314292 Solving the Event Achievements - Solved! (Mostly)

Posted PelicanHazard on 07 September 2016 - 01:09 PM

Hi everyone!


I don't know about you, but for me this has been one fun adventure, going from knowing nothing besides the names and icons to where we are now. Between the great effort of everyone, not just in NA but across other servers, we've managed to put together requirements for every one of the ten event achievements in just about a day and a half, summarized in the table below.


Achievement Requirement Possible Alternative Reward
King of the Party Get the other 9 event achievements Possibly bugged and shows up earlier for some players for unknown reasons 5000 Free XP
Life and Soul of the Party Get an in-battle compliment (compliments awarded from the post-battle screen don't count) - 25x Juliet Charle flags
Festive Soup Get 10 ship torpedo hits over any number of battles Get 10 torpedo hits from any class, carriers included 25x Juliet Whiskey Unaone flags
Fire Show Score 100 main battery hits over any number of battles - 25x India X-ray flags
Run! Admiral! Run! Playing as a carrier, score 4 torpedo hits over any number of battles Works on 5 hits for some. Bombs also seem to count. 25x Victor Lima flags
Queue Jumper Enter your first battle post-0.5.11 update - 10x Type 5 camouflage
Rise of the Machines In Co-Op battles, sink 5 bots over any number of battles - 25x Zulu flags
Big Roll Earn 1 million credits over any number of battles - 1 million credits
A Shot in the Dark Shoot down 15 airplanes over any number of battles Hit an unspotted enemy 25x November Echo Setteseven flags
Manners Maketh Man Complete 10 consecutive battles without inflicting any team damage - 25x Zulu Hotel flags


Special thanks to GG_Bootcamp for putting together a guide to achieving all 10 in a quick manner. You can find the guide here.


It's worth noting that while we have reliable requirements that are guaranteed to win you the achievement, there's some evidence that some achievements have at least two ways to get them, and achieving either requirement nets you the award. There's also still a big mystery surrounding how to get King of the Party without needing to get the other 9 first, but be assured that it is possible to get it by grabbing the others even if we don't fully understand how to get it otherwise.


I'll keep updating this post if new information for requirements comes to light (especially that pesky King!), but at the very least we now have a reliable way to get all 10, and hopefully turn them gold before the birthday celebrations kick off next weekend to see what these "special prizes" are.


The original post starts below


As you might have found out, the patch brought special achievements to celebrate WoWS' birthday.




But the trick is that WG won't say what triggers them, and we have to discover for ourselves. Each one awards in-game items, and making the achievements turn gold will apparently award special prizes. This thread is meant to compile what we know about the achievements and see if we can figure out all of them. You can track how many have been awarded server-wide from the main page.


The achievements are:


King of the Party - Solved!

Requirement: Awarded after the other 9 event achievements are awarded

Alternative: Seems bugged, and appears for some before they get all 9.

Reward: 5000 FreeXP


Life and Soul of the Party - Solved!

Requirement: Get a compliment in-battle

Reward: 25x Juliet Charlie flags (-100% detonation chance)


Festive Soup - Solved!

Requirement: Get 10 ship torpedo hits over any number of games

Reward: 25x Juliet Whiskey Unaone flags (increases chance of flooding, increases chance of own detonation)


Fire Show - Solved!

What we know:

Requirement: Score 100 main battery hits over any number of games

Reward: 25x India X-ray flags (+1% fire chance for guns over 160mm/+0.5% fire chance for guns under 160mm/+5% detonation chance)


Run! Admiral! Run! - Solved!

What we know:

Reward: 25x Victor Lima flags (+1% fire chance for bombs and shells >160mm/+0.5% shells <160mm/+4% own detonation chance)


Queue Jumper - Solved!

What we know:

Requirement: Enter queue and join a battle for the first time post-patch.

Reward: 10x Type 5 camo (-3% detectability/+4% enemy dispersion)


Rise of the Machines - Solved!

Requirement: Sink 5 bots over any number of battles

Reward: 25x Zulu flags (+20% credits)


Big Roll - Solved!

Requirement: Earn 1 million credits over any number of matches

Reward: 1 million credits


A Shot in the Dark - Solved!

Reward: 25x November Echo Setteseven flags (+10% effectiveness to AA and aircraft rear gunners)


Manners Maketh Man - Solved!

Requirement: Go 10 consecutive battles with zero team damage

Reward: 25x Zulu Hotel flags (+50% Commander XP)

#706242 [MOD][] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #01 (25-05-2017)

Posted Aslain on 23 April 2015 - 10:43 AM







Downloads & Support



#919274 Humble Bundle Update

Posted NyxWGA on 30 June 2015 - 08:14 PM



We value your support of World of Warships and we take to heart the feedback you’ve given us over the past week. Know that we’ve read each and every one of your messages.


As you’re reading this we have begun the process of crediting the full value of the originally advertised bundle on Humble Bundle. There are many of you who purchased the E3 Digital Ticket Humble Bundle, so please be patient as we begin to respond to all of you in waves -- expect about 72 hours to have the goods reflected on your accounts.


If You Have Already Received the Murmansk*


You will have the following credited to your account in the coming days:

  •         7 Days of Premium time
  •          5 Port Slots
  •          1,000 Doubloons

*This code set can only be redeemed once per account.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have not received the Murmansk on your account yet and you have redeemed the code, please file a ticket with Customer Support and provide your Humble Bundle code.


If You Have Not Redeemed Your Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket Code (Available From 06/15/15 to 06/19/15)*


We have re-enabled the codes to allow those who missed the original deadline the chance to redeem these codes. The codes will be active until December 31, 2015. Upon redeeming, the following will be activated on your account:

  •          Murmansk, including Port Slot, and a 3 Skill Commander
  •          7 Days of Premium time
  •          5 Port Slots
  •          1,000 Doubloons

*This code set can only be redeemed once per account.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have attempted to redeem the code on the web portal and were told it was expired, please try again.  If you continue to experience difficulties please submit a Customer Support Ticket.


Thank you for your continued partnership and passion for World of Warships as we all work to launch Open Beta. 


We look forward to seeing you soon on the high seas.


UPDATE - I have seen numerous people expressing that they did not receive their Murmansk during the initial round of crediting. If you did not, please submit a ticket asap so we can get you sorted out. We have a very high number of tickets right now, and we are working furiously to address them. Please do not bump the ticket by responding to it before we have responded, as this will reset it to the bottom of the ticket queue.

#1971776 Illegal Mods and Consequences

Posted NyxWGA on 23 May 2016 - 02:02 AM

Good day, Commanders,


Please take a moment to read this message, it’s actually quite important!


We’re happy to inform you that we’ve taken another step in our struggle against unwanted exploiting of our game mechanics through client modifications and outright cheats. A group of players was banned earlier today. These players have been identified by us as using forbidden modifications, including aim assist mods.


These players have been banned for 7 days. After this punishment is over, they will be unbanned and receive amnesty. However, should a player be caught by the system a second time, the game ban applied to his/her account will be permanent.


Please don’t ask us about the details of the system’s operation – we won’t tell!


At this point, we would like to remind everyone that cheating sucks. Cheating only makes someone appear to be good at the game, it doesn't actually make them good at the game, and it lessens everyone else's enjoyment. If you’ve been using such modifications and were not caught this time, or have been considering using them, please stop now. You will end up losing your account entirely by continuing to use these.


I also want to stress that we are now and will continue to take steps to improve gameplay and fairness for everyone. I know some folks disagreed with the TK bans. I know some folks will also disagree with these bans.


BUT - The majority of our players have expressed disappointment that we have not taken action against these blatant offenses in the past. We wish to work towards improving that, and NOT disappointing our players in this manner. I don't think what we are asking is unreasonable. We're simply asking that you do not take actions that inherently cause other players to be unhappy. Everyone has the right to play a game without another player ruining their experience.


Please feel free to ask questions or give feedback in this thread. If you have been affected by this or the TK ban, and don't feel that it has adequately been explained to you, please send a support ticket. Feel free to even mark my name on it, and I will instruct the other folks in support to send them to me, if they have my name on them. Most of you know that I've been around awhile, and I think of myself as pretty fair and pretty responsive to the needs of the community. If you feel that you got the short end of the stick, I am happy to look in detail at it, to ensure it was done correctly.


Action Stations!

#895282 Important Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket information

Posted guido_anselmi on 26 June 2015 - 12:28 AM

Fraud is fraud. Give us our ship.


If Wargaming screwed up, it means Wargaming better fix it. Simple as that.




Request a Refund from WG




On Kotaku



Evidence of Misleading Advertising and Fraud




Despite the clarification on the Humble Bumble storefront, nothing was ever posted about WG Codes being invalid, Murmansk being removed from user port, etc:


thanks: teitoku_L


Complain to Humble Bumble



Select "Feedback" and express that Wargaming is harming their reputation. Reference this thread in the complaint.


Complain to the BBB


View PostKandra, on 26 June 2015 - 01:23 AM, said:




Before you begin filing your complaint with BBB, please note:

BBB's goal is to successfully resolve complaints involving buyers and sellers in a fair and timely fashion. This includes complaints involving consumer-to-business and business-to-business transactions that involve the advertisement and/or sale of a product or service. Information concerning the nature and resolution of complaints filed with BBB is used in developing BBB Business Reviews on companies.

BBB accepts complaints whether or not the business is a BBB Accredited Business.

BBB generally does not handle complaints which are more effectively handled by other government or private agencies or the legal system, such as complaints involving employment practices, discrimination, or matters in litigation. Click here for more detailed BBB Complaint Acceptance Guidelines.

BBB strongly encourages consumers to first attempt to resolve complaints directly with the company, however BBB will not reject a complaint if a consumer has not taken this step. All complaints are processed by local BBBs, most often the BBB where the company is located. Historically, over 70% of complaints filed through BBB are resolved. In some cases, BBB mediation or arbitration may be offered to assist in resolution.

Your complaint will be forwarded to the company within two business days. The company will be asked to respond within 14 days, and if a response is not received, a second request will be made. You will be notified of the company's response when we receive it (or notified that we received no response). Complaints are usually closed within 30 calendar days.

BBB reserves the right not to process complaints containing abusive or foul language.


does the BBB operate in the USA? (Canadian)

#1090086 German Premium ships -- Anyone know when they will show up.

Posted NyxWGA on 08 August 2015 - 04:25 PM

View PostBA_Baracus, on 07 August 2015 - 05:10 PM, said:

What kind of business model is it to hold back an item that the masses would drop good money for? This is utter stupidity...




I want to answer this, so that folks can see what the decision making process was here. That doesn't necessarily mean you are going to agree with the answer, but I'll give it to you anyway. Many folks are concerned because EU is selling ships that we are not yet (notably the Mikasa). EU has a large marketing campaign tied to gamescom right now, and are expecting to gain a large influx of customers to their servers - more customers = more folks to sell shiny toys to. NA's marketing campaign is not set to kick off for several more weeks - we have no large event occurring to promote so it doesn't make sense to throw advertising dollars around with no concrete reason or goal just yet. We have an extensive campaign slated to begin a few weeks from now and ramp up throughout the month of September. This is when we expect to see that same large influx of customers. We want to generate the most revenue possible from our promotions, because after all we are a business. We could sell ships now, but it would only be to the smaller group of existing customers.


I know that sucks for you as an existing customer. You see ships that are available elsewhere, and you want them RIGHT NOW, and I totally get that. I'm telling you all of this to set your expectations that we won't be selling these ships immediately - not because we wish to withhold them from you out of some sort of malice or spite, but because it makes the most business sense to wait and sell them to the largest possible audience once our marketing and advertising campaign has a chance to fully ramp up. These decisions were made strategically based on extensive market data, not willy nilly. Some guy in an office somewhere doesn't just sit up one day and say, hey I think I'll sell the Mikasa tomorrow. These things are planned months in advance, and tied to what we know about customer behavior in a given time period, and expected growth of customers based on advertising dollars spent. To set correct expectations, it is HIGHLY LIKELY that EU will sell other ships before us as well, based on their planned advertising dollars spent. We will ALSO have times when we sell things before they do, again based on concrete data and planned marketing campaigns.


As a note, we will be doing giveaways during PAX, just as EU is doing during gamescom. The Tirpitz will be included in that. We also have a ship specific to PAX that will be given away, both at the convention and here on the forums to those who participate in that week's forum contests.


tl/dr There really are reasons why these things occur. All of these ships WILL be made available to you, but the timing across different regions is different.

#2647918 Christmas Hidden Achievements

Posted Personator on 20 December 2016 - 07:10 PM

Christmas Events have begun, and a new set of hidden achievements await us to complete! Fellow captains, please report your guessed findings here! I will update on how to achieve them as we go along.


PLEASE REMEMBER: You can earn these achievements in Co-Op as well. And there is no shame in playing Co-Op - this is meant to be a fun game guys. 


Alright, the list seems complete. Please check to see if I've made any errors here. 

Achievement Medal Reward Gold Reward How to Get
Good Start 17x New Year Camo

Commander's Present (Standard Container)

Note: This acts as a container drawing from the menu (i.e. you still have a chance of getting a supercontainer) and the game will not choose TYL option

Win a battle

Feelin' Good

1,000,000 credits

Commander's Present (Standard Container)

Use 100 signals

Tin Can 1 Day of Premium

Commander's Present (Standard Container)

Open 17 containers
(during this event only, prior opening of containers do not count)
Race to the Bottom

17x Zulu signal flags

17x India Bravo Terrathree flags

17x Juliet Charlie flags

17x Smoke Generator II

17x New Year Camo

Commander's Present (Standard Container)

Get 1 ship launched torpedo hit on each ship class over any number of games

(torpedo must do damage upon impact for it to register?)

Aiming? Too Much Effort!

17x Zulu signal flags

17x India Bravo Terrathree flags

17x India Delta flags

17x Repair Party II

17x New Year Camo 

Commander's Present (Standard Container)

Get 25 secondary battery hits in any ship over any number of games
An Epic Journey

17x Sierra Mike flags

17x Engine Boost II

Propulsion Modification 2

Commander's Present (Standard Container)

Travel 201.7 km total over any number of games
Break the Bank 2,017,000 Credits

Commander's Present (Standard Container)

Earn 2,017,000 credits over any number of games
Hoarder 2017 100x New Year Camo  Special Holiday Container
 (What's inside?)
Get all other achievements


Good luck and fair seas!


Alright, we've done it guys! All of them have turned gold!

#1425382 Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Ships

Posted LittleWhiteMouse on 16 November 2015 - 10:01 PM

This index is meant to serve as a quick summary of the Premium Warships, both currently and previously available.  This will be faster and easier for me to update when something new comes out than the time it takes to write a longer article.  This guide is not meant to be comprehensive, but to give players a glance over of what each ship entails.

Quick List of Currently Available Ships (last updated November 18th, 2016)

The following is a short list of ships currently available.  It constitutes a repetition of some of the information available below, but visible at a glance.  Sale dates, promotional codes and information on mass giveaways will also be made ready here.


Permanently Available Premiums (online store / doubloons)

  • Atago, Atlanta, Aurora, Campbeltown, Emden, Ishizuchi, Konig Albert, Mikhail Kutuzov, Molotov, Saipan, Sims, Smith, Tachibana, Texas, Tirpitz, Warspite
  • Marblehead (online store only)

Premiums Available for a Limited Time

  • ARP Takao                - in game missions
  • Perth                    - online store


As a final disclaimer, please be aware that the views reflected in these summaries are representative of my own play experiences.  Your mileage can and most certainly will vary.


United States

Ship List

Russia & Soviet Union

Ship List


Ship List

United Kingdom

Ship List


Ship List



Ship List

Pan Asia

Ship List



Ship List


British Commonwealth

Ship List


Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Ship List


#558335 Captain's Academy - Gameplay Guides and Tips [Latest: Manual Torp/Dive Bo...

Posted iChase on 12 March 2015 - 04:53 PM

Hello captains!


This entire series will be dedicated to helping players learn the key mechanics and stuff within the game :D Enjoy this series and if you have suggestions for future episodes please don't hesitate to ask for them :) So without any further ado, here we go!


Episode 21 - Manual Torpedo Bombing/Dive Bombing


Episode 20 - Invisi-Fire :D



Episode 19 - How to Aim??



Episode 18 - Training Rooms - NA video contest entry (3 min limit :(​)



Episode 17 - Consumables! - Which ones to spend credits on



Episode 16 - Citadel Hits!



Episode 15 - 0.4.0 HE vs AP



Episode 14 - 0.4.0 Captain's Skills



Episode 13 - Armour Angling



Episode 12 - Smokescreen Tactics and Proximity Detect



Episode 11 - Upgrade Modules



Episode 10 - Essential Controls



Episode 9 - How to play carriers effectively



Episode 8 - Basic Aiming Tutorial



Episode 7 - Destroyers and Torpedo Tips



Episode 6 - Captain's Skills



Episode 5 - Ship Roles and Maps



Episode 4 - AP vs HE



Episode 3 - BBs and Manual Drop Torpedos



Episode 2 - US Cruisers



Episode 1: Manual Torpedo Drops